Rajokri Village, South Delhi, Su-kam Solar System
I was just doing research for solar panel on google, on first page i found Loom Solar link so i contacted them through email they were so active that they responded in few hours and also briefed me about how this product will be installed and what is advantage and disadvantages of this product.


I am so glad that I choose right company. From low pricing of product to fast delivery and high performance of solar panel is the quality of this company that I observed.



I never imagined that this company will deliver my product in my village in 24 hours after placing the order, they managed to deliver and install it on time. I salute to the team for this great achievement. 

Technical Specifications 

1. Su-kam Brainy Eco 1100 Inverter, Qty 1

2. Su-kam Solar Panel 150 watt, Qty 2

3. Su-kam Battery 150ah, Qty 1

4. + Free Installations and Delivery


I live in Delhi, Capital of India but I have installed my system in Rajokri Village, District South Delhi. I fully believe in green energy so i installed it.



Initially, I was little doubtful for making 100% payment in advance as it was online, but I when I read lots of reviews and did some home work then I thought to give a chance to this company.


Good thing is they fulfilled their commitment and now I am loyal customer of Loom Solar.

Sukam solar panel installations

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Mahendra Kumar Soni

Mahendra Kumar Soni

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