Medinapur West, West Bengal, 500 Watt Solar System


I did lots research before finalizing Loom Solar, and I am so glad that I choose right company. From low pricing of product to fast delivery and high performance of solar panel is the quality of this company that I observed.


Loom Solar 180 Watt Panel

I never imagined that this company will deliver my product in my village, where there is no proper transportations, directly connecting from city however, they managed to deliver and install it on time. I salute to the team for this great achievement. 

Technical Specifications 

  1. Loom Solar 180ah Panel, Qty 3
  2. Luminous 150ah Battery, Qty 1
  3. Luminous Solar 1100 Inverter, Qty 1


I have made small house in my village where there is no electricity service and surrounding my house is all kinds of tree that can be seen in image also.

Loom Solar mounting Structure

Few days ago, when I was doing Facebook on mobile I saw advertisement of this company, about solar service in village. When I approached them through their call center no 8750 778800, they briefed my entire process about how to place order and how to make payment.


Loom Solar 180 Watt Panel

I was little doubtful for making 100% payment in advance as it was online, but I when I read lots of reviews and did some home work then I thought to give a chance to this company.

Good thing is they fulfilled their commitment and now I am loyal customer of Loom Solar.
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Srinjoy Saha - September 23, 2020

To whom I have to contact for installation solar panel at home plz give me some phone number 🙏🙏

MD DEROJIO SANTU - June 2, 2020

I want a system of 1kv on my roof. I am from Hooghly, westbengal.

Dibyojyoti Sadhukhan - May 12, 2020

Coll me as soon as possible

Mansingh Jadeja - April 26, 2020

My home load was
2 fan ×50w
3 led lamp ×10w
1 Led TV ×50w
Lumsum 350w
Pls suggest me which suitable solar set

Rintu Moulick - February 26, 2020

I am planning to buy one 180 watt panel with lead acid battery and inverter

Christellice B Marak - March 26, 2019

I’m planning to buy this product and I want to know about 3 panel with lead acid battery and inverter

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