Loom Solar 1 KW solar Installations in Jaitpur Village, Badarpur, New Delhi

Here is what a customer from New Delhi has to say:


 “Friends, Thanks to Loom Solar Team. I am Surjeet Singh from Jaitpur Village of Badarpur in New Delhi. I have constructed new big house recently in my village and  I wanted to run my all daily appliances like led bulb, TV, refrigerator and fans of home using solar 24x7. In our town, an electricity is available, but long power-cut problems in village.


 So with the help of Loom Solar team, I decided to switch to solar


(Bought 320 Watt Polycrystaline Solar PanelMicrotek Solar Inverter Msun 2035 vaLuminous 150ah Solar Battery and Portable Mounting Structure).



I use 10 bulbs, 6 Fans, 1 Refrigerator, 1 TV & mobile charging every day. My solar system starts to charge from the morning 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. I am using lights and fan the whole night. I bought this system from Loom Solar, they delivered at my location within 3-4 days and installed it in properly. I am extremely happy with this product and the Loom Solar service. They also care customer who place order from rural village or Tehsil.

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Subendu Meher - December 3, 2018

Total cost including installation after govt. Rebate

Sachin Patil - December 2, 2018

Sir total amount of this battery,solar panel and invertor describe seperately

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