350W AC Module Installation – Residential Home in Bhuwana, Udaipur (Rajasthan)

ac module installation in udaipur


A resident of Udaipur? Well, install solar panels at home to meet a portion of your power requirement for running home appliances or running ACs and sell the rest to your local power distributor—REDA (Rajasthan Energy Development Agency — at a whopping premium of Rs 12.5 per unit. And if you are into running institutions like hospitals or hotels, or are in charge of maintaining large complexes like office buildings or even residential complexes in Rajasthan, you can save on electricity bills as well as make some money by pushing the extra power to the local grid.


envoy remote monitoring device for ac module


Mr. Nilesh Jangid, a resident of Udaipur, Rajasthan, says, "I searched on grid solar system solution for home. My monthly electricity is coming about Rs. 2,000. I am running fans, tv, bulbs, computer and water pump. I was searching Grid Connected (On grid) solution to reduce electricity bill. I want to tell you, there is very complex process of Net Metering. I talked Rajasthan REDA Partners, they told me that you must have net meter. Then I was searching any grid tied solar solution who will run without net meter. I found out about Loom Solar and contacted them. After I purchased 1 AC module for testing purpose from them, the Loom Solar started the necessary site surveydesigning, and installation work after product delivery. On my site, I have installed Envoy Remote Monitoring Device too". Loom Solar Engineer helped me during who installation. This device is totally web based monitoring device. 


I would like to share some high lights of AC Module, such as



  • It is for smart home.
  • I can expand easily. I started with 1 ac module.
  • I can monitor remotely through my mobile.



  • It works when there is grid power available.
  • It saves electricity bill during the day. 
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Ajay Das - September 12, 2019

The AC MODULES PANELS are quite good quality panels. The AC module is ok for Bigger projects , hopefully above 2kw grid tied. The 1kw panel AC package at peak generates 670 watts and it’s managable. But the cost should be less than the offer price.
The major drawback what I noticed is that the performance in cloudy environment is extremely poor and LOOM SOLAR should work on that.
I wish they need to be a little bit professional when processing an order or responding promptly to the issues of customers as the warranty is for 25years

Kandarp - September 6, 2019

I am dealer in loom solar & I install 1 kW Ac module in June – 2019. But till date I monitor the reading. Loom solar Ac module dose not generate 3.5 units any day in this 2 months. Even full Sunny day in July – 2019. I complaints to loom solar, but we have not received any response from the loom solar.
Max power generated by penal – display in meter is nearly 680 units @2.5 volt

MOTIURRAHMAN - September 6, 2019


MohammedMotiurrahman - September 6, 2019


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