1 KW Solar Installation in Khed City, Ratnagiri District

Mr. Wajid Bebal has installed 1KW Solar System in his Farm house in Khed Town in Ratnagiri District. 


He Installed Microtek 2035VA Inverter, Luminous 325 Watt Panel, 3 Qty and Luminous Solar 150ah Battery, Qty 2.


He wants to run his 1 hp motor, 5 fans, 10 led bulb, 1 computer and 5 mobile charging, Also 1 television and 1 refrigerator with this solar system.


He will share installation process for the same.


Step 1: Inspection of house to understand load requirement for solar system 

Loom Solar House in Ratnagiri


Step 2: Order Confirmation and delivery of Solar System by transport

Delivery of loom solar product


Step 3: Mounting Structure Preparation to fix solar panels

Mounting Structure installation


Step 4: Fixing of Solar Panels with Structures

Solar Panel Installations


Step 5: Connection of Solar Panels with each other

Loom Solar Connection with panels


Step 6: Connect Inverter with Battery

Inverter with battery


Step 7: Connect Inverter with Solar Panel and add output load in it

Connect inverter with solar


Step 8: Solar Panel is Charging Battery (Review connection)

Solar Panel charging


Step 9: Check display of inverter for input and output load

Display of microtek 2035va


 Step 10: If you want to use only solar energy to load your house, switch off main grid connection.

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Shahin Ali - January 18, 2021


Tabrez - June 16, 2020

I want to install same system and run exact same amount of load what will be the prize and where can I buy from the

Noormohmed - November 11, 2019

I need 350 watts loom solar panel(mono) 2 each, plus Microtek 2035 Msun solar inverter, please quote with solar panel fitting accessories and installation charges, my location is Veral, Taluka Lanja, District Ratnagiri which is 35 km away from Ratnagiri. I need this system to be installed on rooftop on my house.My contact number is 9607194309.

Imad - July 21, 2019

Loom solar 1 kvw Kitna price me milenga or kha se ratnagiri, chiplun se hai

Nisar Alam - June 7, 2019

Sir humko distributer banna h….

Anil Karanje - April 16, 2019

I want run 500litter deep fridge on solar system.
Please guide me

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