Top 10 Solar DC Wire Companies in India 2021

What is Wire?

Wire (also known as Cable) is the medium through which electricity is transferred from solar panels to the inverter. All electrical and electronics appliances run through a wire, such as Fans, Lights, Cooler, Refrigerator, Air Conditioners, Water Pump, Mobile Charger, TV, and other appliances. Wires are made with conducting materials, such as Silver, Copper, Aluminum, and Iron. You will find a lot of articles, videos online about the history of wire, so we skip that information here.   

Types of Wire?

types of wire


Generally, there are two types of wires in the market, such as 

  1. AC Wire
  2. DC Wire

What are AC & DC Wire?

In our ecosystem, we use two types of appliances, AC Appliances and DC Appliances. AC Appliances work on 230V AC current whereas DC Appliances work on 12V, 24V, and 48V. 

So, let’s understand what is the difference between AC Wire & DC Wire?


Now, we come to the main point – A Solar Wire!


difference between ac wire and dc wire

A Solar Panel is a collection of solar cells that is encapsulated with tempered glass and an aluminum frame. It converts free sunlight into usable electricity. Electricity is generated in the form of DC Current and we store this power in a battery bank. Now, why do people also call it a solar wire? Because solar panel output is DC current.

How to Select the Best Solar Wire - 5 Tips

Here we will give you a few tips to choose the best wire while you go shopping as it is very difficult to identify the best wire for your home. These tips will help to decide the best wire brands, such as


#1. Insulation

wire insulator

Double Insulation, helps it to work under high temperature and provides more safety.

DC Wire is double-coated whereas AC wire is single coated. It is XLPO, flame retardant, halogen-free, and electron-beam cross-linked. This is insulated by a plastic cover for extra safety. It also works at high temperatures.


#2. Tinned Copper

tinned copper

A wire should be made up of tinned copper. A tinned copper wire is Zinc-coated which protects it from rust and other environmental hazards. It looks like an Aluminum wire, but it is just coated with a Zinc layer.


#3. Current Capacity

wire capacity

A wire should have the appropriate capacity, otherwise it will burn and cause damage to all wiring connections and appliances.


#4. Standards

tuv standard

DC Wire should be UV (Ultra Violet) because it is used outdoors in Solar Panels. It is TUV & MNRE Certified for solar panel installation. 


#5. Pricing

solar wire price

Solar Wire pricing depends on Brands, Manufacturers, Quantity, and Quality. Below are the price of solar wire:


  •     Avg. price of 4sq. mm dc wire is Rs. 120 per sq. meter
  •     Avg. price of 6sq. mm dc wire is Rs. 160 per sq. meter
  •     Avg. price of 10sq. mm dc wire is Rs. 230 per sq. meter

How to Calculate Wire Capacity

solar wire capacity

Thumb rule is Wire capacity = Load / 5


For example, if we install a 3kW solar system, then we can calculate like this:


The output of 3kW Solar System is ~27 Amp, because of 3 (rows) * 3 (columns) panels connected in parallel and series. Power always increases in Parallel connection and Voltage always increases in series connection. Generally, in the off-grid solar system, we need the maximum power, but in the on-grid solar system, we need the maximum voltage.


solar wire capacity


~5.4 sq. mm = 27 Amp/ 5 


We can use the nearest wire capacity which is available in the market.

How to Test Wire Before Installation

Use of multi meter, here we will explain with the help of the below video:

Top 10 Solar Wire Companies list in India

#1. Loom Solar


Head office in India - Faridabad

Establishment- 2018

Business- Loom Solar basically deals in solar systems. It has a wide range of premium quality products like solar panels, grid connected system, battery backup systems, solar inverters and panels, installation kits. The company operates through a large network of more than 1500 dealers and distributors. 

Official Website-


About Loom Solar-

Loom Solar is a leading manufacturer of premium quality and highly efficient solar panels across the globe. It is a government authorised and an ISO 9001-2015 certified company which offers a promised delivery within 3-7 days. The use of loom solar DC wires in your solar system will not only enhance your system performance but it will also help in increasing life of your systems due to the finest quality of material used in its manufacturing process. It is best known for its product selling, product innovation and after sales service.


#2. Polycab


Head office in India – Mumbai

Establishment -  1964

Business – Polycab has 25 manufacturing facilities, including our two joint ventures with Techno and Trafigura. The company has an extensive supply chain network comprising authorized dealers, distributors, and retailers which helps its products to reach across India. It also exports its products to over 40 countries worldwide.

Official website –


About Polycab -

Polycab is a manufacturer and distributor of wires and cables and fast-moving electrical goods in India. Its key products in the wires and cables segment are power cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, solar cables, building wires, flexible cables, flexible/single multi-core cables, communication cables and others.


#3. HPL


Head office in India – Noida, UP

Establishment - 1991-92

Business - HPL provides a wide range of products divided into Metering Solutions, Switchgears, Modular switches, LED Lighting and Wires & Cables. The company operates through more than 900 dealers and distributors, and over 27,000 retailers. It has seven manufacturing units and two R&D centers.

Official website –


About HPL- HPL is a well-established brand with a proven track record of over four decades in the Indian electrical industry. The company has more than four decades of manufacturing experience.


#4. Havells


Head office in India – Noida, UP

Establishment - 1958

Business - Havells provides a wide spectrum of products, including Industrial & Domestic Circuit Protection Devices, Cables & Wires, Motors, Fans, Modular Switches, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners, Electric Water Heaters, Power Capacitors, Luminaires for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Applications. It operates through a large network of more than 7900 dealers, 12 manufacturing plants, and 40 branches in India and exports to 40 other countries. 

Official website –


About Havells - Havells India is a Fast Moving Electrical Goods company with a strong global presence. It is a leading power distribution equipment manufacturer in India. The company enjoys a strong brand recall and owns some of the most prestigious brands like Havells, Lloyd, Crabtree, and Standard.


#5. Finolex


Head office in India – Pune

Establishment - 1945

Business - The company’s product range includes PVC Insulated Industrial Cables, PVC Insulated Single Core and Multicore Flexible Industrial Cables, Rodent Repellent Multicore Flexible Industrial Cables, PVC Insulated Winding Wires and 3 Core Flat Cables, Power and Control Cables, High Voltage Power Cables, Polyethylene Insulated Jelly Filled Telephone Cables, Auto & Battery Cables, Co-axial and CATV cables, LAN Cables, Switchboard Cables, Fibre Optic Cables, Solar Cables, and others. Its manufacturing plants are located in Pune, Goa, and Roorkee.

Official website –


About Finolex- Finolex Cables is India's largest manufacturer of electrical and telecom cables with a turnover exceeding INR 26 billion.


#6. RR Kabel

rr cables

Head office in India – Mumbai

Establishment - ~2000

Business - The company has 27 product licenses as well as three manufacturing certifications. Its products are also sold in more than 80 countries across the world.

Official Website -


About RR Kable - RR Kabel is one of the leading companies in the electrical and copper industry in India. Its products are known to survive the harshest of environments like crushing, high pressures of the ocean, or extreme heat and cold conditions.


#7. Apar Industries

apar industries

Head office in India – Mumbai

Establishment - 1958

Business - Apar's Cables Division is a leading manufacturer of cables in India and has been serving its customers since the year 1981. The company has a large global presence in more than 100 countries worldwide. Its manufacturing facilities are accredited with Quality Management Systems.

Official Website -


About Apar Industries - Apar Industries is a leading manufacturer of telecom and electrical cables in India. It has a strong presence in electrical and metallurgical engineering. Its products are used in different industrial applications like Power Transmission Conductors, Petroleum Specialties and Power & Telecom Cables. The Cable division has been steadily growing at a rate of 25% CAGR over the last decade.


#8. Leoni


Head office in India - Export from Germany

Establishment - 1569

Business - Leoni is a German company with employees in more than 32 countries worldwide. 

Official Website -


About Leoni - Leoni provides a wide range of cable and wiring systems for different industries like automotive, data communication and networks, electrical appliances, energy and infrastructure, fiber optics, healthcare, etc.


#9. LAPP

lapp cables

Head office in India – Bengaluru

Establishment -  1957

Business – LAPP is a German company providing a wide range of cables, industrial connectors, accessories, and engineered solutions. It operates through 18 production sites and over 40 sales companies worldwide.

Official website –


About Lapp -  LAPP Group is a leading supplier of integrated solutions and branded products in the field of cable and connection technology. Its products can be used for a wide range of industrial, commercial as well as residential applications. The company’s products are trusted by popular names in the world.


#10. KEI


Head office in India – New Delhi

Establishment - 1968

Business KEI – KEI has strategically located manufacturing facilities in Bhiwadi, Chopanki, Silvassa, Pathredi. It also has robust R&D capabilities. The company also has a global presence.

Official website –


About KEI - KEI’s products encompass low, high and extra-high voltage cables, control cables, house wire, single/ multi-core flexible cables, solar, rubber cables, etc. The company’s products ie. wires and cables are best suited to meet the requirements of clients in the retail, institutional, and exports segments.


A solar wire or cable transports the electric power that is generated by solar energy to the electrical units. Appropriate use of solar wires ensures the safe and optimal function of a solar energy system. It connects the solar panel, the inverter, the charge controller, and the batteries to one another. It is, therefore, important to make the right choice otherwise it can jeopardize your whole solar system. Loom Solar provides a wide range of wires for solar projects. You can contact us :

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