Top 10 Solar Battery Companies in India, 2023

As you all know that summer is coming, usually these days electricity power cut problems come due to heavy consumption, strong thunderstorms and rain. The worst of these situations are seen in the village because this situation has been handled to a great extent in the cities.

Why People are Installing Battery?

For better understanding, we collect different types of opinion on this topic, so let's understand... 

Rajesh Kumar, who is a resident of the district Garhwa (गढवा) of Jharkhand state, says that we only get electricity for 3 to 4 hours during summer time. Another consumer, who hails from district Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh says that an electric transformer was burnt in his village 2 days ago, due to which electricity was not available for many days and a problem has also arisen from a resident of Bangalore, Karnataka that they have already battery which gives only 1 to 2 hours backup, so what should be done.

Therefore, after reading all this, you must have realized the main problem. The problem for every other person is how to use the necessary electrical equipment such as fans, bulbs, mobile charging, water pumps, etc. So the only solution to all problems is power backup storage. That is, in the absence of electricity, electrical devices can be operated with the help of a battery bank.

So in this blog, we will talk in-depth about every information related to the solution to this problem, which will be very helpful in buying, maintaining and replacing a battery.

How to Choose Solar Battery for Home?

If a battery is used in your home, is your battery giving a good backup or are you thinking of buying a new battery? So, here we will tell you some basic checklist, which is very important to keep in mind while purchasing the battery. All the necessary points are mentioned below:-

#1. Types

types of battery in india

There are three types of batteries available in the market such as, Lead Acid, Solar Battery, and Lithium Battery. Lead Acid & Solar Battery are easily available in the online and offline market. You should know the advantage and disadvantages of both types of battery, and then decide which battery your pocket allows & also good for your home.

#2. Backup Time

battery charging time


If we run the battery at 100% home load then the average backup time of any battery is 4-5 hours. The simple formula for identifying the capacity of a battery is Battery's Capacity * Volt / Home Loads.

For example, if we have a 150Ah battery in my house, then the total storage of battery is 150Ah * 12V = 1800Watts. You should also know about the efficiency of the battery is up to 70%.

That means we can use 1800 Watts * 70% = ~1300 Watts. If I run 300 Watts loads (such as fans, lights, coolers, refrigerator, etc.), then our battery will run 4 to 5 hours.

#3.Charging Time

battery charging time


After a backup time, charging time is also the most important factor that we should know of any battery. At present, the average Charging time of a battery is almost 9 to 10 hours. In the future, the charging time will be hardly 3 to 4 hours. So, you need a very sufficient solar panel and solar inverter to charge the battery.

#4. Warranty

battery warranty

If we talk about the warranty available on solar batteries, then two options available in the market, 3 years and 5 years. In both types of warranties, the company offers replacement on the battery.

#5. Maintenance & Life expectancy

battery maintenance and service

The battery needs maintenance from time to time so that the power backup and life of the battery is prolonged. The battery has a water level indicator so that we can easily find the water level of the battery. Generally, we refill battery water (acid) once or twice a year. If we do not refill the battery water, the battery cells will harden and the battery will stop working.

#6. Price

battery pricing

The price of the battery also depends on the capacity of the battery and the years of warranty service on the battery. We know very well that national and local manufactures also manufacture batteries, but how do we know that we are paying the right amount for the right product. If you think of a long time investment in a battery, then you should thoroughly verify the manufacture of the battery. So, now you can go to the online or offline store of Loom Solar and compare the prices of different brand battery manufacturers.

Different Type of Batteries

 different type of battery available in india

1. Lead Acid: Lead acid batteries are the most common solar batteries. They have electrodes which are grids of metallic lead containing lead oxides. The composition, that created by lead oxides, helps in charging & discharging this battery.

2. Solar Battery: The solar battery is a very important part of the solar system. Because the capacity of the solar system is measured by the battery power. Solar battery works as a power bank in a solar system. Solar batteries use three electrodes, while normal batteries use only two electrodes. Solar batteries are costly compared to normal batteries, but they are very useful for maintenance and long-lasting. The normal lifespan of solar batteries is also 5 to 15 years.

3. Lithium Battery: In this type of battery, electrodes are made of lightweight lithium and carbon. & Lithium batteries are made up of several cells. Lithium batteries can be used comfortably in place of lead-acid batteries because the charging voltages of both are almost the same.

What are the difference among Normal Battery, Solar Battery & Lithium Battery?

There are many differences between normal batteries & solar batteries, some of the basic fundamental differences are as follows:


compression among inverter battery, solar battery & lithium battery

Top 10 Solar Battery Companies (Brands) in India, 2023

The solar energy sector is very large. So the market divides it into smaller parts and there are many different brands which deal in different parts.

So here we have prepared the list of top 10 companies according to the Amazon India and consumer’s rating, in which the prices of batteries are also described:

#1. Loom Solar

loom solar

Loom Solar has been Manufacturing ATOM Batteries which are powered by Lithium cells. It is Portable, Long life and higher backup batteries. It is replacement of traditional lead acid which is used in Home inverter, Street Light and Portable Machines. The Lithium Battery Cells used in this battery are also used in Electrical Vehicles such as Car, Motor Bike and Mobile Battery.

Manufacturer Location: Faridabad, Haryana
Made: Lithium Battery
Product Range: 6 Ah to 100 Ah (12.8 Volt) & 100 Ah (51.2 Volt)  

#2. Exide

exide battery

Exide Industries Limited is one of the oldest & trustworthy brands in the country. It is a Kolkata base company. Their solar batteries are known for fast charging efficiency, low rate of self-discharging. Exide had given warranty on its solar battery up to 5 years.

Manufacturer Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
Made: Industrial Battery, Automotive Battery, Solar Battery, Lithium Battery, Inveter Battery, Genset Battery, and Submarine Battery 
Product Range: 20 Ah to 300 Ah

#3. Luminous

luminous battery

Luminous Power Technology is about 30 years old and trusted brand in the area of ​​Home Base Electrical & Solar items. Their solar batteries are known for long power backup and long life. Luminous had given warranty on its solar battery up to 5 years.

Manufacturer Location: Gurgaon, Haryana
Made: Inverter Battery, Solar Battery, Automotive Battery
Product Range: Inverter Battery (80Ah to 220Ah), Solar Battery (20Ah to 200Ah), Automotive Battery (35Ah to 65Ah)

#4. Okaya

okaya battery

Okaya Power Group was established in 1991, is the one of oldest manufacturing brands in the national & international leading market. It produces almost every solar-related product. The specialty of these solar batteries is that it works well even when partially charged. Okaya states that all batteries, except for 200 AH batteries, get a replacement warranty of 5 years, and the company offers a 3-year warranty on 200 batteries.

Manufacturer Location: Delhi
Made: Inveter Battery, SMF/VRLA Battery, Automotive Battery, Solar Battery, E-Rickshaw Battery, and Lithium Battery
Product Range: 20 Ah to 200 Ah

#5. Amaron

amaron battery

Amaron Batteries is a joint venture of Amra Raja Batteries and Johnson Controls, which has been manufacturing these batteries since 1979. These solar batteries are known to work well in their daily charge and discharge process, their design, long working hours and partial charge. Amaron had given warranty on its solar battery up to 5 years.

Manufacturer Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
Made: Standby Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Battery, Car Batteries, and Inverter Battery
Product Range: 35 Ah to 100 Ah

#6. HBL Power

hbl battery

The name of HBL Power Systems Limited has been included in the list of major Indian companies since 1977. They are contributing a lot in the solar field. The specialty of these solar batteries is to be environmentally friendly, ensure a consistent performance and be leak proof product. HBL had given warranty on its solar battery up to 5 years.

Manufacturer Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
Made: Lead Acid Batteries, Nickel-Cadmium Batteries, Specialized Defense Batteries
Product Range: 7 Ah to 200 Ah

#7. Base Battery

base battery

Base Batteries is an Indian company formed in Karnataka in 1979. Its headquarters is in Bangalore, located in Karnataka. They have a huge contribution in the field of solar energy. Their solar batteries are known for fast charging efficiency, low rate of self-discharge. Base batteries had given warranty on its solar battery up to 5 years.

Manufacturer Location: Bangalore, Karnataka
Made: Two - Wheelers, Automotive, Solar, Inverters, Generator, UPS for both Home and Industrial usage
Product Range: 2.5 Ah to 200 Ah

#8. Eastman

east man logo

Eastman Auto & Power Limited is an Indian base company that has been contributing to the electricity industry for the past 47 years. The industrial factory of this company is in Ludhiana. Their solar batteries are known for low maintenance, pollution free method. Low self-discharges technic and long life. Eastman provides up to five years warranty on its solar battery.

Manufacturer Location: Gurgaon, Haryana
Made: Tubular Conventional Batteries, Tubular Gel Battery, VRLA Battery, and Solar Battery
Product Range: 180 Ah to 250 Ah

#9. V-Guard


V-Gaurd is a Kerla (South India) base company which got the base in 1977. This company does most of its manufacturing work in India only. It’s headquarter is in Kochi. This company has more than 500 distributors and 30000 retailers all over India. Their grate functionality, uninterrupted power supply & its intelligent designs makes these solar batteries completely unique. V-Gaurd provides up to 5 years warranty on its solar battery.

Manufacturer Location: Kochi, Kerala
Made: Inverter Battery
Product Range: 150 Ah to 200 Ah

#10. Liv-Guard

liv gaurd

With a remarkable vision and foresight for the growing energy solutions industry, today the brand boasts of an incredible legacy of 30 years. Powered by passion and fuelled by innovation, Livguard has established itself as a strong player in the energy solution space in India. With our offerings in automotive batteries, Inverters and Inverter Batteries, Stabilizers, Residential Solar Solutions, we are bringing in a new dimension of smart energy products.

Manufacturer Location: Gurgaon, Haryana
Made: Automotive Battery, Inverter Battery, & Solar Battery 
Product Range: Automotive Battery (35 Ah to 65 Ah), Inverter Battery (150 Ah to 200 Ah), and  Solar Battery (40 Ah to 200 Ah)


After reading this blog, I am sure that you have chosen a good backup and long life expectancy battery for your home. Loom Solar, which has been awarded, The Fastest Solar Company 2019 Award, from here you can buy every type of battery, as well as this company, also provides you the facility of post support. We hope that you will not face any kind of insolence or mistake while buying or replacing a battery.




I was toying with lead acid,gel & l-ion battery for my off-grid back up.First,requires maintenance,2nd some say,is a failure &3rd very expensive to get 200AH of back up of normal battery.Can any expert throw some light?



I was toying with lead acid,gel x& l-ion battery for my off-grid back up.First,requires maintenance,2nd some say,is a failure &3rd very expensive to get 200AH of back up of normal battery.Can any expert throw some light?



मेरे पास loom सोलर के 225 watt,25Voc, और 11amp के दो सोलर पैनल हैं तथा 25amp और 75Voc के mppt कण्ट्रोलर हैं. और एक 180 Ah,12 volt की बैटरी हैं. तो मुझे उसका कनेक्शन किस तरह करने से ज्यादे लाभ मिलेगा. श्रेणी क्रम में या सामांतर क्रम में? कृपया उचित सुझाव दें.



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Rajat Sharma

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its such a biased article focussing only loom solar, there is also a wrong informotaion as BASE BATTERIES, base batteries has stopped manufacturing around 2014,

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Ammar taleb

Ammar taleb

Gentlemen ,
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Ghassan halim

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