Waaree Solar Panel Price in India, 2021

Waaree Solar is the largest PV Module Manufacturer as well as exporter of USA in India, it has the biggest solar projects installation in region. They use high quality Solar Cells in their solar panels, that’s why their panel comes in TIER-1 rank, the cost of its solar panel is lower than other solar panel manufactures.

waaree solar

It’s Mumbai, Maharashtra based solar company started by Mr. Kirit Doshi in year 1989. Currently Waaree Solar has the largest solar manufacturing plant with capacity of 2 GWTheir Multi-crystalline, Mono PERC, Bifacial panels are available in market, which is prepare from 100% automated machinery.


Waaree Solar Panel Products Range & Price List 2021

Waaree Solar has own automated Solar Panel Manufacturing plant of 2 GW in Surat, Gujarat, it’s skill & well experienced man power, automated machinery is the big reason for their products quality. The product range of Waaree solar panel available in the market is 320W to 330W and price range of its solar panels starts from INR. 20 to 23 per watt).


Cost (Rs.)


Technical Specs.

320W - Multi Crystalline



Voltage(Vmp): 36.8, Current (Imp): 8.70

325W - Mono PERC



Voltage(Vmp): 36.85, Current (Imp): 8.82

400W - Bifacial PREC



Voltage(Vmp): 36.90, Current (Imp): 8.95

1 KW Solar Panel Price

20,000 20

2 KW Solar Panel Price

40,000 20

3 KW Solar Panel Price

60,000 20

5 KW Solar Panel Price

100,000 20

10 KW Solar Panel Price

200,000 20

15 KW Solar Panel Price

300,000 20

20 KW Solar Panel Price

400,000 20

25 KW Solar Panel Price

500,000 20

30 KW Solar Panel Price

600,000 20

40 KW Solar Panel Price

800,000 20

50 KW Solar Panel Price

1,000,000 20

400Wp Solar Module Price

9,200 23 Coming Soon...


Note: Above price of Waaree Solar Panel (including 5% GST & 1% transportation) can be vary +/- 10-20% depending on location and project size.

Quick View of Bi-facial Solar Panel

Download Data Sheet

If you want to know about the technical and mechanical specification of Waaree solar panels then you can find data sheet from here.


If you are EPC Player, Solar Developer, Solar Installer, Dealer & Distributor, etc.  you must aware about the certifications of any solar panel manufactures. If you are using solar panel in off grid solar system, then you don’t have required any certification. If you are working in any solar tender, such as Water Pump, Solar Subsidy, Government Tenders, Rooftop Solar Projects, Ground Mounted Solar System, then you must meet check solar certifications, such as:

adani solar panel certification

1. BIS - Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is mandatory certification of any electronic products, such as solar panel who wants to sell in Indian market. It checks safety, quality, performance, and other parameters of product.

2. CE - Certificate of Registration (CE) is also mandatory certification of any electronic products, such as solar panel who wants to sell in International Market.

3. DCR Cell - Domestic Content Requirement (DCR) is also mandatory for government tenders, such as Rooftop Solar Subsidy, Water Pump, Street Light Tender, etc.

    Solar Installation

    It has some solar panel installation portfolio, such as:


    1. 10 MW solar project in UNA, Gujarat
    2. 49.5 MW solar project in Vietnam
    3. 2.7 MW solar project in Mumbai Metro
    4. 2000 KW solar project in Mondelez India Pvt Ltd
    5. 640 Kw solar project in Surat Municipal Corporation

    How to Buy Waaree Solar Panel?

    As discussed in above section, Adani Solar is working large scale solar projects. That’s means, it has 10kW to MW level solar projects. It sells solar panels through distribution as well as retail channels. They have ………………. across India who take orders less than 199MW. They have also global presence, such as USA. Any end customers can buy through any solar installer or system integrators. The company direct sells above than 50kW Solar Panels to any EPC Player or Government Tenders.


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