Havells Solar Inverter Price, 2021

Havells is a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) company and a major power distribution equipment manufacturer. It has a strong global presence. The company’s standard solutions range from 1 kW to 50 kW and can customize solutions for systems above 10 kW too. Havells’ on-grid inverters and optimizers are capable of module-level monitoring, constraint-free design, and enhanced safety.


Havells India Limited, is an Indian electrical equipment company based in Noida, India. Now, It’s products are available in 40 countries. The company has 13 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in India located at Haridwar, Baddi, Sahibabad, Faridabad, Alwar, Neemrana, Guwahati, and Ghiloth.

Product Offering


It's is well known for MCB, Electrical Wires, Ceiling Fans, MCB, etc. Now, It provides on-grid inverter solutions in solar industry. They started with solar panel, inverter and battery two years ago, but as of now, they have more focus on grid tied inverter market. The company provides total solution end-to-end offerings. Over 90% of Havells’ product offerings are energy efficient and manufactured in-house. It also provides installation and after-sales support.

Havells Solar Inverter Product Range & Price in India, 2021

havells solar inverter price

Havells’ grid-tie inverters come with a ten-year warranty. Its range of solar inverters includes industrial GTi inverters (ENVIRO) in the 20 kW-100 kW range. These inverters come with LCD and LED displays.


 Capacity No. of MPPT Price Per Watt Cost (Rs.)
1.1 KW 1 12 13,200
2.2 KW 1 12 26,400
3 KW 1 12 36,000
3.3 KW 1 12 39,600
4 KW 2 16 64,000
5 KW 2 16 80,000


Download datasheet from here.

Warranty & Certifications

All solar panel sellers in India need to apply to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to obtain registration and only then can they sell the goods in India.

Work Process


  • Havells has an installed capacity of 12 MW and over 400 sites.
  • Havells solar provides a complete end-to-end solution from site survey, design, supply, and execution.
  • Havells also provides customized power back solutions as per power load requirements.
  • The company offers the same quality products for both Indian and International markets.
  • Havells has deployed solutions for Commercial shops, Schools, Petrol Pumps, and Bank ATMs.


Imported – Duty Charge, Custom Tax, etc.

Made in India – Product Cost + GST & Transportation Cost

Service & Maintenance

Havells operates through a distribution network of over 500 plus Galaxies, 7575 dealers, and more than 100,000 retail outlets in India. For dealership inquiries, please write to: cmg@havells.com with your name and contact details.

How to Buy?

If you are solar installer and want to install on grid solar inverter of Havells brand in C&I Projects, such as Hospital, School, Factory, Cooperate Buildings, Restaurants, Petrol Pump, etc. you can contact from below:


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