1kW On grid Solar System price in India 2020

The 1 kW solar system is capable of generating 5000 watts during the day using the sun’s power.


1 kW solar system is designed to give power supply for 8-10 hours to 3-4 BHK homes in India having severe power cuts. It consists of monocrystalline panels and comes with more than 97% Inverter efficiency and over 16% Module efficiency.


For 2-3BHK Homes


  1. Inverter - 1800 VA (1 no.)
  2. Battery - 150 Ah (2 nos.)
  3. Solar Panels - 1125 Watt (375 watts * 3 nos.)


This Solar system helps you to run all your power equipment directly from the sun. It is very useful for places where power cuts are frequent.


1kW On Grid Solar System Price is approx. Rs. 80,000 in India. This pricing could be vary. We can give you approximate number. You have to pay additional charge for remote monitoring device.

Components Cost
(AC Module) - Loom Solar 375 watt Mono Panel (3)  ₹ 84,000
AC Q-Cable  -
Loom solar 3 panel stand (375 watts)  -
AC Wire, 1.5 sq mm, 15 Meters Pair  -
3 Pin Socket  -
Envoy Remote Monitoring Device  ₹ 20,000

How to Buy

You can buy 1kW On Grid Solar System from here.


The system can power up to 5 Ceiling Fans, 20 Led lights, 2 Television, 1 refrigerator, 1 mixer and Laptop/Mobile Charging.

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Ck Sharma - November 16, 2020
I want 1kw solar plant for our house…
TANVEER ANSARI - August 23, 2020

Sir please verify my load direct operate in day

Nishant - August 20, 2020

I am a loom solar dealer for purchasing any solar panel and solar inverter please send you query below mention email id nishantkumar110@gmail.com

Banumathy - July 20, 2020

We are in Hosur-635109, Krishnagiri Dist. Will you able to support 1KW on grid solar for us? Pls clarify.

Dhanasekaran - July 11, 2020

Ontact me

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