A solar panel is used for battery charging and saving electricity bill in homes and offices. A battery is the collection of cells which stores power. All lead acid batteries come in 12V and are rechargeable batteries. Now, the basic concept of battery and solar panel is “12V battery should be charged by 24V solar panel”. But there is some confusion – if we connect the solar panel and battery directly, then battery will be damage after full charge. Here, we can use charge controller or inverter. If you are using single inverter battery, you can use Fusion charge controller, it is mppt charge controller which uses to charge 12V battery. It also helps in charging the battery simultaneously along with running the load as well as protecting the battery from overcharging. It will control any extra charge that is generated from the panels and helps protecting the overall solar system. As soon as the battery is fully charged, the load will start running on solar.

The charge controller needs to be connected to the battery. A charge controller comes with input points for both the panel and inverter (positive to positive and negative to negative). Make sure the connection is not loose. You can use MC4 connectors to connect the panels. The combined VoC of the panels must be within the range of mppt charge controller’s VoC. It is therefore, possible to increase your existing system’s capacity consisting of panels, inverter and battery, by simply adding a SHARK solar panel, mppt charge controller and connectors. So, you can upgrade your current solar system without increasing inverter battery.

You will need the following components: 

1. Loom Solar 190W Solar Panels - 2 

2. Shark Solar Panel 440W - 1 

3. 1kW - 12V PWM Based Solar Inverter - 1 

4. 150Ah Lead Acid Battery - 1 

5. Loom Solar 4 sq. mm. DC Wire - 1 Pair 

6. MC4 Connector - 2-in-1-out & 1-in-1-out 

7. Clam Meter 


Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar

मेरे.पास 335×3सोलर पेनल है जो कि.36.8 v 9.10 a सपोट करत है .चार्जर कंट्रोल और बेट्री कोन लगेगा

Chika Eze

Chika Eze

I have 180w solar panel 4, can I use it to charge 12v battery 220 amps 1 pic with 30amps mppt

Jharna kumar

Jharna kumar

I have your 75w panel which produces 24v(max) and current of 3.75A. Can I connect directly to 12.8V 30 ah LiFePO4 battery.

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