Net Meter in West Bengal

West Bengal is a pioneer in solar technology in India. Government-owned WEBEL was one of the first manufacturers of solar energy panels in the country. It is mandatory for all large housing societies in West Bengal, (having a total contract demand of more than 500 kW) to install solar rooftop systems to meet a minimum of 1.5% of their total electrical load by solar energy. The subsidies are applicable as per SECI guidelines.

Eligibility: Net Metering ( As per prevailing regulation of WBERC)

- Consumer of WBSEDCL.
- Installed Capacity-Not less than 5 KW
- Connection type-3 Ph

Type of Consumer:

1. Hospitals / Health centers run by Govt. / Private/ Private charitable organization.
2. Schools/ Academic institutions run by Govt./ Private/ Govt. aided
3. Govt. offices/ organizations.
4. Local bodies like Municipalities/ Panchayats
5. Housing Complex.
6. Commercial/industrial organizations and any institutions registered under any statute

Process Flow for Grid Connectivity of Solar PV by Consumers: Net Metering

Flow Chart-1: Application & Acknowledgement –Related Forms: S1, S1A & S2

solar net metering in west bengal

Flow Chart –II: Application review & Inspection –Related Forms: S3, S4, S5 & S6


Flow Chart –III: Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Billing –Related Forms: S7, S8,S9 & S10


Input by Applicant (Form-S1)

  • Consumer Id
  • Installed Capacity of Solar plant
  • Type of Consumer
  • Acceptance by the consumer bearing the cost for phase conversion/alteration of service
  • Mobile No, Aadhar No(optional), email-id(optional).

Popped-up from system

  • Name of CCC
  • Name & Address of applicant
  • Class of consumer
  • Contractual load
  • Supply voltage & phase



Basic Information You can get from Here:

Guideline For Solar Application

Download the Agreement Form(S6)

Download Application Form(S1)

Work Completion Report(S8)

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