Solar Panel in Kochi, Kerala

Kochi is an industrial area in the Ernakulam district of Kerala. This city is worldwide most popular for Cochin international airport fully powered by solar energy system. Coconut tree & Church are iconic symbol of this city. Here, we will know that why people are installing solar panels for their purpose? 

We already know, Solar Energy is green and clean energy for us. We can generate self an electricity using solar panels and store it in battery bank or national grid via net meter.

Best Solar Solution for Kochi, Kerala

Kochi is Enjoying The Best Solar Energy Solutions with us!

KSEB Power Condition in Kochi, Kerala


If we talk about Kochi location, here is Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) power is very good. In case of power cut in rainy season, KSEB engineers fixe grid power within 30 minutes. Similar to other states remote area location, there is no low voltage problem. Here is an average electricity bill of 2 months is Rs. 1,000 only. So, you have big question about solar panel system. Why people are installing solar power system here? - Self Sustainable (खुद पर निर्भर होना) is the key for adopting solar power system. They don't want to increase KSEB Units above than 200 Units. If a home owner install 1KW Solar Panels with old inverter battery, they can decrease KSEB Units less than 200 Units

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Are 1kW Solar Panels Affordable in Cochin, Kerala?

When we plan to adopt a new gadgets for your purpose, you are always worry about the pricing. The price of 1kW solar panel is approx. 30,000 to 36,000 in Kochi solar market. It's price equal to 1.5 ton air conditioner (AC) in nearwise Cochin market.  But, the major challenges with solar panels in Kochi areas s availability issue. There is no physical stores available in a market where people can take solar product experience. So, we can say that solar panel is affordable in this market.

Where People are Install Solar Panels in Cochin, Location?

If we talk about solar panel application, you will see a wide range of application of sola panel. Such as:

 Most popular solar application is Rooftop Solar Panel (Home Solar),

Second is Solar Street Light,

Third is Street Shops, 

Forth is Solar Water Pump, etc.

Why 1kW Solar Panels Are Installing Here?

June, July & August month are the rainy season here. For small power backup, every home owners are using inverter battery from last 2-3 years. An public electricity bill was some distributed 2-3 years ago, but at this time, KSEB power is very good. People are always thinking about existing inverter battery. They are unused, because of an electricity situation. So, home owners utilize this inverter battery using solar panel via charge controller.  

Which type of solar panel technology people are buying?

There are two types of technology solar panels available in the market, such as polycrystalline & mono perc solar panel. The sun radiance of Kerala location is higher than other states. The main problem is sun hours. Only 4-5 hours receives sun light on solar panels due to big trees. The maximum building hight of here is approx. 20 ft. So, home owners are buying mono perc solar panels for battery charging. 

Is any solar panel demonstration center in Kochi, Kerala?

Solar is a technical product. It is similar to Cars, Bike, AC, TV, Refrigerator, Cooler, etc. When we planning to install solar panel for home first time, we always wants to know the basic information, such as how many solar panel required for my use, can we run 1.5 ton ac on solar panel system, can we run 0.5/1HP water pump, can we run owner shop appliance on solar system, warranty, guaranty, pricing, working purpose, pricing, etc. To give all information about solar power system, Loom Solar has his solar shop in Kochi location (Address: Shop No.13/81,82,83, Signal Junction, Kariyad, Mekkad, P.O, Kerala 683589), you can visit here to understand care. 




please details 1 k w solar panel system mono perc

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Moncy Abraham

TRINA SOLAR PANEL 500W mono perc 4cut



need fix 3 kv

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Narayanasamy Spk

180watts solar panel price???? Allready 180watts loom solar panel uasd

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