Top 5 Solar Designing Software for Beginners to Expert Level

The need for Solar power plants for residential, commercial, and large-scale projects, etc has been increasing year by year. Do you buy a product without seeing it? The answer is no right. All the Solar power installers want to buy solar systems for their home lighting system but they are worried and have so many doubts before investing a big amount in installation. The main issue is that they are not able to visualize how the solar would look and work after installation. Such visualization is not easily available in the market for small solar investments.

In this article, we will tell you about some easy software and tools with which you can make your customers visualize what their solar system would look like and work after installation. This will help you to convince your customers.

List of Solar Designing Software for Beginners to Expert

1. Solar Edge - Paid

solar edge

Solar Edge is a US-based company that manufactures inverters and sells them globally. They have designed a tool that will give visualization to the installers and helps the solar industry to make solar quotation using 3D and 2D visualization. The manufacturers can easily explain to the customers how the connection is done, what components will be used, how much will the plant generate and how much will be the return on investment.

Download Rooftop Solar Design Template from here

It is a paid software when you want to download the project summary report but the trial is absolutely free. This tool will need the exact location of the installation site i.e the latitudes and longitudes and you can select the area of the rooftop where you want to do the installation. It will tell you the number of solar panels required and will do the shadow analysis.

Scope: Solar Panel Arrangement 3D View, Single Line Diagram, Solar Quotation, Shadow Analysis, Inverter Connection, etc.

How to Use SolarEdge Designer tool?

2. Helioscope - Paid

Helioscope is a paid tool that works quite similar to solar edge. You can put an address in Helioscope and it uses google satellite to mark the installation location. It also helps you estimate the number of solar panels and create installation visualization. Solar Edge is a more simplified tool than Helioscope.

Scope: Solar Panel Arrangement 3D View, Single Line Diagram, Solar Quotation, Shadow Analysis, Inverter Connection, etc.

3. PV Watts - Free

PV Watts is a free Solar Designing Software offered by the government. If a consumer wants to know how much energy generation can be done using solar in their area, the software user will just put the PV module capacity and module type. They will be able to get information on the total energy generation, month-wise electricity generation, solar radiation, per unit monthly solar generation, etc. This is of great help for the customers to trust solar and go for the investment.

Scope: Generation of Solar Panel Plants Monthly

4. PV Syst - Free

PV Syst is desktop software that works even without the internet. You can download this software on your desktop and it will help you create 2D and 3D animations of your solar installation.

5. Solar Labs - Paid

Solar Labs is a Banglore-based Indian company that offers tools to all the leading solar companies in India like Loom Solar, Adani, TATA, and Mahindra Susten. This tool helps in creating quotations of solar installation.

Scope: Solar Panel Arrangement 3D View, Single Line Diagram, Solar Quotation, Shadow Analysis, Inverter Connection, etc.


The biggest problem with the customers of solar is building trust. Investment in Solar is a big investment hence the customers are full of doubts and issues. Using these tools will help solar companies to attract customers and capture the market. All these tools are taking solar industry to a next level. The customers will be able to understand the procedure of installation and the benefits very easily using the quotation and 2D-3D animations.

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