Top 10 Induction Stove Brands in India and Buying Guide

The demand for induction stoves is growing as a result of the recent sharp increase in gas prices across the country. Due to this, induction stoves are becoming more and more popular and have a sizable market in India. Whether you live in the city or a village, induction stoves are now widely accessible. So, the purpose of this article is to help those who want to buy and install a new induction stove in their homes.

Brief Description [Overview]

An excellent choice for smart and safe cooking is an induction stove. It is a small cooking device that can be moved from one location to another with ease.

Induction stoves don't have problems like leaks or food burning either, which is another advantage over gas cylinders. And finally, it automatically shuts off after the time you set thanks to its advanced technology. It is currently gaining popularity as a result of these useful features.

How to Buy an Induction Stove?

Always buy an induction stove based on your needs. Be mindful of both its size and the amount of wattage it consumes. You should be aware that induction stoves are currently the subject of a lot of skepticism among people. People believe that induction stoves make food cook slowly, and some even believe that induction stoves prevent you from making roti on them. Additionally, they assume that if they buy an induction stove, they will be forced to replace all of their kitchen appliances. This is entirely a myth, and the reality, however, is entirely different. A sophisticated induction stove can greatly simplify your life, and the market is flooded with them right now.

1. Technology

When buying an induction stove, remember how many watts it has. Because the higher the wattage, the quicker your food will cook. To prevent your food from overheating, the induction has an auto-switch-off feature, and once the utensils have been removed, the induction automatically turns off. Additionally, it won't work unless a steel vessel is positioned in its heating zone.

2. Technical Specification

Today, the demand for single-stove induction is mainly in the Indian market due to the rise in gas prices. Let us tell you that there are no knobs on it, but by touching the button once, its temperature can be easily increased and decreased. While buying induction, be sure to check its timer. Also induction stoves with child locks can be purchased to keep them out of the reach of children. Apart from this, make sure to check the ISI mark of the company while buying.

3. Induction Stove Price

Today, excellent induction stoves cost between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 5000 and are offered on the market. You can buy an induction stove of your choice according to your budget.

4. Warranty

There is typically a one-year warranty included when purchasing an induction stove. In the event that there are any problems after this warranty period, you will have to spend your money on repairs for the induction stove. As a result, choosing trustworthy companies when purchasing an induction stove is always recommended.

5. How to Buy

If you are fond of buying things online, then you can buy an induction stove from online platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. Where you also get excellent offers. In addition, if you'd like, you can purchase the induction stove by going to the nearby market.

Top 10 Induction Stove Brands in India, 2022

1. Philips

Philips is a Netherlands-based company. All over the world, people are interested in its electronic products. The induction stoves of this company are very fast, safe, and accessible. This company has launched many excellent induction stoves with 6 to 10 preset menus and has a huge market in India.

2. Prestige

In India, Prestige is a well-known company. Prestige Company's induction stoves are very attractive to look at and cook food much more quickly. Prestige induction stoves have numerous features included in them, including an automatic voltage regulator, soft-touch buttons, a digital control panel, anti-magnetic technology, and power-saving features.

3. Pigeon

Pigeon is another Indian business. Mumbai serves as the location of its corporate headquarters. For preparing Idli, Dosa, Chapati, and other Indian dishes, this company has introduced a number of superb induction stoves. In order to regulate the heat, this company has also used dual heat sensor technology in its range of induction stoves.

4. Usha

One of the most reliable manufacturers of electronics in India is Usha. Usha has a strong presence in the market thanks to the introduction of a number of excellent induction stoves in the lower price range. The company's induction stoves are equipped with a variety of technologies, including a power-saving mode, a pan sensor, a ceramic plate, an LED display, an anti-skid foot device, and a heat indicator.


The Indian company IBELL is renowned for producing high-quality induction stoves at affordable prices. Additionally, IBELL induction stoves feature a number of cutting-edge features like auto-shutoff, LED display, overheat protection, and tempered ceramic single glass.

6. Bajaj

Many Indian households place a great deal of trust in the name Bajaj. The Bajaj company has introduced a number of excellent induction stoves in the budget and lower price ranges that use little electricity to operate.

7. Havells

Havells is another well-known Indian business. A large number of induction stoves have been introduced by the Havells company with a variety of technologies, including variable power control, digital LED display, single-touch operation, soft-touch panel, and auto-pan detection. Its power efficiency is also quite good.

8. Crompton

Another Indian business with its headquarters in Mumbai is Crompton. Many fantastic induction stoves have been introduced by Crompton Electronics Company at an affordable price. The Crompton Insta serve 2000 model manufactured by the company has received favorable reviews.

9. Maharaja

Maharaja is a company that only operates in India. It has a good hold in the low-budget induction segment. The Maharaja Company has introduced high-quality induction stoves designed for Indian cooking.


A reputable manufacturer of kitchen and home appliances is called Greenchef. A number of low-cost models from the Greenchef company, like the Greenchef Spectra 2000 and Greenchef Induction Cooktop-Smart Dlx, have also been introduced, and they have received positive reviews from consumers.

Use solar power.

A typical induction stove uses about 2000 watts of power to operate. However, because electricity has skyrocketed in price recently, consumers will not notice a significant difference in prices between gas and electricity. Additionally, power outages are a common issue in today's society. People would have a lot of trouble in such a scenario if the electricity went out while they were cooking.

However, they would experience significant relief if they installed a 5 kW on-grid solar energy system in their house.

Meanwhile, the cylinder that ran for a month will now run smoothly for three to four months if they decide to keep using gas and an induction cooker simultaneously as well. By doing this, thousands can be saved each month in addition to easing people's lives.

How much will it cost?

It will cost around Rs 3 lakh to install a 5 kW solar system. But if someone invests this much, they will become entirely self-sufficient in terms of electricity. At the same time, in the future, they can adopt an off-grid solar energy system and make themselves utterly self-sufficient in electricity.


You will require professional advice or assistance if you want to install a solar energy system to become completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity. To find out more about adding solar panels to your home and relying solely on a solar energy system, get in touch with us right away. Our experts are always ready to help you.


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