Solar Solution for Semi-Automatic Wire Mesh Fencing Machine

Wire mesh fences are of most importance in rural areas to safeguard one’s farms from wild animals ruining the agricultural produce and also to demarcate one’s land holdings. With the country now witnessing a solar revolution, it makes sense to solarize the production of machinery used to manufacture these fences to reduce pollution and also utilize available resources more efficiently. Not only will this reduce the overall costs but also be environment friendly. Also, manufacturing these machines in places near the farms and which receive ample sunlight will be more beneficial.

The wire mesh fence machine has a requirement of 3HP and 3 Phase Induction Motor. Most shops generally have a single-phase motor which makes it impossible to use for manufacturing the wire mesh fence machine. They can use diesel generators for production, but this could increase overall costs and also cause pollution in the environment. 

Hence, using a solar system to power these factories is advantageous.

Solar Components to run Semi-Automatic Wire Mesh Fencing Machine

These are the components required for the solar system for running a Semi-Automatic Wire Mesh Fencing Machine:

  1. Solar Panels: 4.5kW to 5kW (Shark 550W, Half-cut Technology)
  2. VFD: 5HP, 3Phase
  3. Panel Stand: High Rise Structure / Tin Shade Structure
  4. DC Wire: 4 Sq. mm. 2 Core as per required distance
  5. DCDB: 2-in-2-out
  6. Earthing Kit: 1 Earthing for Lighting Arrester
  7. Installation Accessories: PVC Pipe, Electrical Tape, etc.

Connection Diagram

Step 1: Series Connection of All Solar Panels (Voltage Range: 450V – 500V)

Step 2: Final DC Wire connection with DCDB

Step 3: DCDB to VFD

Step 4: VFD to Motor (RGB)

Step 5: Earthing Kit Installations

Working Time

Using a solar system for wire mesh fence is ideal for your system and will work 300 days from 8AM to 5PM.


The pricing for such a setup would be approximately Rs.3,00,000 to Rs.3,50,000. The initial cost may sound high, but remember there will not be other recurring costs of running like fuel or electricity as well as other maintenance costs.

You can also install solar panels for your manufacturing plant on easy EMI / loan plan. We will assist you in connecting with a perfect partner to take care of the financing needs as per your terms and convenience.


So, you now know the advantages of installing a solar system for manufacturing wire mesh fencing machine. You can also book an engineer visit who is an expert and can guide you on matters related to the size, capacity, type, location, etc. of the solar system. He/ she will also give you the financial requirements for installing the solar system and will also help you in getting a finance/ loan option if you wish to avail the same.

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