Solar Generator for Laptop Charging?

The lockdown days are here again with coronavirus causing havoc across the entire country. In these conditions, people have to stay indoors for their and the safety of others. Hence it becomes important for them to manage work from their home. According to Google Trends, there are some queries that are trending, such as:

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[Best Budget Laptop], etc.

Major Problems in Work from Home

work from home laptop charging problems

In summer season, the demand of power increase suddenly because of heavy power consumption appliances such as AC, Cooler, Refrigerator, Fans, are continuously running in home. The power situation in Metro city is okey because of an electricity rate is approx. Rs. 7.5 per units. The power cut is very less in these areas but if we talk about rural area, people are facing two types of problems: 1. Long Time Power Cut & 2. Low Voltage Problem.  Due to Lockdown & Covid situation, most of cooperates employees are working from their home town homes. With irregular power supply and frequent load shedding it becomes impossible to work without any interruptions at home. Laptop and Internet are essential electronic gadgets for doing office & freelancer works.

What's Solution?

solar generator for laptop charging

In order to ensure a regular supply of power, Loom Solar is suggesting solar generator for laptop charging when working from home. Solar generator is the latest technology solar power backup solution that is portable, grid and solar panel charging, long time backup, and durable product.

How many laptops can I charge?

laptop charger rating

An average family has 1-3 laptops and the power consumption of one Laptop is approx. 40W. On the basis of this charge power consumption, we have given calculation table. Atom Battery Capacity, No. of Laptop, and Backup Time. "I have a Lenovo T450 ThinkPad laptop. First, I discharged my laptop completely and then I plug laptop charge cable in solar generator ac output socket, then my laptop charging stats now", the consumer shares his experience. 

atom battery backup time

Note: It can be different depending on Laptop charger rating*

Features of Solar Generator

features of solar generator

A 300 Watt Hour portable power station will be enough to manage your power needs at home. It comes with an AC adapter, cigarette lighter cable, MC4 cable, and USB type-C cable. It becomes very handy as it can charge a maximum of 11 devices simultaneously. It has an LCD display screen that indicates the charge level. The power station can be charged using a DC14~40V/120W solar panel or AC charger or car charger. The USB output port can be used to connect with smartphone, MP3 player, digital camera, electronic reader, tablet, laptop, etc. It is also very easy to use and maintain. Just fully charge the machine before storage. You can use a normal piece of cloth to clean and wipe off dust. Make sure the machine is dry and avoid direct sunlight.

Since this is a portable power station you can also carry it along when traveling or camping. It weighs only 6 kg and can be easily carried along. Some models come with wireless mobile charging and also have an LED light that can be used as a flashlight.


Download 500Watt Hour Solar Generator Technical Details

How to Buy?

Loom Solar is one of the leading platform for solar energy products where you can find a wide range of solar products as per your need. You are also looking portable power backup solution for laptop charging and internet, you can enquire with us.

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Shriram - May 10, 2021

I require a solar generator for laptop, where my laptop charger is of 65W. Let me know what is the price of the solar generator for laptop and specifications.

Rahul - May 8, 2021

Please let me know the price for the
1000watt hour solar generator for laptop

Prasun Hazra - April 30, 2021

I need to replace electric supply with solar to existing inverter

Anuraj Anandan - April 29, 2021

Please help me to setup a 2 laptop charger system / outdoor unit as suggested in the blog above

Naveen Kumar - April 29, 2021


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