Learn Solar with Loom Solar !

Learn Solar is an initiative by Loom Solar pvt. ltd. for those who want to learn more about residential solar systems. 

It is useful for those either willing to install or sell solar systems in a residnetial home. This program also helps people working in solar, but they are not technically sound.


This is a detailed learn program where each and every aspect of the solar industry or solar system like – what are the benefits of solar system, what type of solar system will be installed in rural areas or urban areas, how electricity bill will reduce by installing solar panels will be taught.


Objective – To help people to learn about solar


Target audience –Home Owners, Trade Partners, Product Manufacturers, Students, Researchers




You can join us at every Saturday morning 10 – 11 AM through video conferencing. 


Some instructions should be followed, such as:


1. Click on Join with Google Meet link.

2. Join before 15 minutes from the Learning Session.

3. You should have earphones, so you can communicate with our experts.

4. When the learning session starts, you must mute your audio, so you can hear very clearly.  In case of any query, you can ask through Chat

5. Rotate Mobile Screen to view full screen

6. Don't Click on Present Button

7. Question Answer Session will start after presentation scheduled at 10:30 am.


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Amit uppal - October 21, 2020

I want to learn

EPeZWHUsXOzAVY - October 19, 2020


uItdkQEBJ - October 19, 2020


Salman M - October 16, 2020

Thankyou sir

Schexad - October 16, 2020

I strongly appreciate your approach and offering free training sessions on substations

sandip - October 10, 2020

join Google meet

Harishankar Yadav - October 10, 2020


Resmy Jayan - October 3, 2020

I wish to join. Please let me know more details. Where and when will you share the link

Santu Nandi - October 3, 2020

How to join in meeting

Murali - October 3, 2020


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