How to Sell Solar Panels?

In this post, we are going to talk about how one can have a successful solar business. This is specifically for our dealers and partners and others who want to make the most of the growth rate in the solar industry.


Everyone today wants to become a successful entrepreneur and is looking for profitable business ideas. The simple answer to know which business to start is to look for a business that is growing and the future prospects of the industry. Solar industry is one such industry given the huge demand for electricity in the future with the rising population in our country. With the increasing demand, there will be a rise in the electricity bills as well. People will install solar panels to avoid the issue of rising electricity bills. Hence, there is going to be a huge demand for solar system installations. India is planning to move to renewable energy sources like wind and solar which reduces the power cost to a minimum and are green in nature. 

Here we will tell the five ways that will help prospective businessmen and women achieve their dream of accomplishing a successful solar business. 

#1. Planning

planning - how to sell solar panels

To have any successful business, planning is a must. You have to study the market for potential customers, demand, supply, competition, etc. The first thing is to find out your prospective buyers because if you do not have interested buyers for your business product, starting that business does not make any sense. The potential solar customers could be those who already have a battery backup or those getting high electricity bills. Once you know about your customers and his needs move on to the next step.


Two Types of Customers: For Battery Charging or High Electricity Bill

#2. Approach

Approach - how to reach the customers

How do you plan to reach your customer? For that, you need to follow few steps like:


i) If your customer already has a battery backup


  • Find out about the areas where electricity is present only for 5-6 hours.
  • Find out about the areas where voltage is low (below 190V).

ii)  If your customer gets high electricity bills


    • Find out about those customers who use ACs extensively like homes, hospitals, schools, offices, etc. Try and visit them at a time when their electricity bills have just been delivered to them. It is usually around the 7th - 14th day of the month.

    #3. Identify the Right Product

    suggest right products

    i) If your customer already has a battery backup


    You should supply a solar panel with thrice the capacity of the batteries. For example, if the customer has a 150A battery, you should recommend a 500W solar panel, so that the battery gets fully charged during the whole day.


    ii)  If your customer gets high electricity bills


      If the customer is getting an electricity bill of more than Rs. 1,000 per month he can get an AC module installed and can even expand the system if need be.

      #4. Gain Trust

      gain trust

      Solar is a big investment, hence, customers are always looking for a reliable and reputed name. It is important to get it installed from a trustworthy source. Please make sure you have the company’s visiting card, id card, product catalog, a permanent shop, and proof of installation (such as videos/ images) in the nearby/ surrounding area. A physical store is important so that the customer can visit the same and have look at the products physically. Your business should also be listed in the solar company’s website. All these factors will increase your brand value and trust in the customer's eyes.

      #5. Regular Follow Up

      regular followup

      You should follow-up with your customers regularly. If possible, visit them after they have received their monthly electricity bill. You can also keep updating them on WhatsApp. We regularly update a blog (both in Hindi and English), videos on YouTube, installation images on Facebook, every day on Loom Solar’s website. You just have to download the same and share it with your customers.


      Every potential entrepreneur just thinks about profits and business expansion. But to achieve that, he needs to do the necessary ground work. If he successfully understands the above mentioned points and follows them, he will surely touch success. Solar is a growing business in India as there is an ever increasing demand for power. In order to cut the dependence on the grid and avoid paying higher bills, people are switching to renewable sources of power like solar. It is a growing business with huge potential in India. We wish you good luck in your future endevours.

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      Rajendran - February 22, 2021

      I want to more details about solar products panel 12v dv fan lights motor pumpsets integrated steet light fittings etc
      I want a dealership in u r products

      EVA - January 31, 2021

      I usually don’t comment, but this is a really nice blog, and I am learning many new things.
      Thank you a lot. Keep writing and spreading more useful information with us..

      Insolation Energy - January 7, 2021

      This information is useful. For further detail go for Insolation Energy.

      dheebanraj .M - December 8, 2020

      how can i start solar power plant in my village for own bisness . i am studying solar panel installation technician in DDU GKY so how can i start and how can i sell solar power

      Manohar - September 30, 2020

      Cheating by loom Solar
      I purchased two solar panels 15days back, but to my observation, I found that panels packing lable mfd month and year is sep 2020,while on panels test reports, shows testing carried out in month of June 2020, my order was for product id LSPL-EV but I am given product id LSPL-SF type. So please resolve the problem as soon as possible. I have sent all details on what’s app no 8743994400. Last 10-15days, I am writing to this no. But problem is not solved. I request you to solve my problem as early as possible thanks, sir

      VINAY TRIPATHI - September 22, 2020

      I need brief details that how to become a distributor.

      lenin franics - September 22, 2020

      I purchased loomstar polycrystalline 340* 2 panel . works perfectly i found no problem at all

      Krishna Kanta Basumstary - September 21, 2020

      Mujhe solar k bare mein knowledge bill kill v nehi Hain lekin electricity ki disturbing k bajah se paresan hun .isiliye kud solar karidna sahta hun aur iske paide k bare mein experience I eke kud dealership banna sahta hun.kripaya mein jab aap logoun se batein karun to dyan se samajne ki kosis dijiyega taki ,mujhe ,aur aap sab ko paida ho sakei . dhanyabad.

      Santosh Pandit - September 18, 2020

      I want to know about Solar business inow i am working on Solar engineer but i want start solar business . I want to take dealer and distributor shop so what is the process to get the same.

      Jagdish Kumar Jangid - September 16, 2020

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