How can Delhi NCR customers get rid of power cuts in these times?

Customers across the Delhi NCR region are facing frequent power cuts due to coal shortage. Furthermore, coal happens to be the cause of pollution. This needs a strong persuasion to get the resolution for the electricity issue. Also, this has a larger impact across many other geographies & states in India.

Most of the urban households have inverters installed as a backup option in case of power failure, however, the inverters do have certain limits. In such a scenario, deploying a solar power system can be a simple & optimal solution.

How will the Solar System get installed & where?

In Delhi getting a solar power system installed on the rooftop appears to be a cumbersome process. Just imagine getting the rooftop solar installed on a high rise stand in the same area of your overhead water tank. This saves space and generates electricity for your needs.

Having a rooftop solar power solution installed is very simple and with the help of solar installer this may get installed in a day’s time.

Is installing a solar system possible in a rented accommodation? Will it be safe to transit or shift safely?

Like movers & packers pack and move most residential gadgets, so is true for solar panels. Consider the safe shifting of your LED or glass dining tabletop. The solar panels are designed to withstand heavy and harsh conditions like storms, rains, strong sunlight etc. also the body is sturdy with a strong frame and toughened glass, which can easily hold the pressure or weight of an adult. The size of the panel is about the size of your mattress.

Which all devices can work?

Single shark solar panel has the capacity of 440 W to 530 W, which shall help charge the single battery inverter. In case you have two batteries in your inverter, the recommendation is that you must prefer 2 solar panels.

All devices that work on your inverter will comfortably work on solar as well. Most important is the ability to get the batteries charged & during the power cut in the day, solar panels become a default choice.

How much will it cost?

Rather looking at the solar system as a cost, it’s an investment. Most important is to invest in the latest technology as that happens to be the most efficient one too.

A single panel solar system (inclusive of essential components) may cost around Rs 30,000/- and solar happens to be one of the rising sectors in the coming times.

Where to buy the best & technologically advanced solar power system?

In India, Loom Solar happens to be the most innovative solar technology company that is based in the NCR region only and is delivering solutions for the customers in need. For more information log on

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