Do You Know : You can save money with SOLAR

Hello Friends, It's Team here. Let's we discusses to save money from Solar.

Here we are going to share a very common knowledge to everyone that Solar is good for our environment. As well do you know this is a money saver plan for all of us? This is environmental benefits and Cost Saving for our wallet also.

Solar energy can be used to generate heat and electricity. To generate electricity we use solar panels, Solar panels gather lights directly from the sun and then converts it into electricity for domestic use. 

Save your money with SOLAR

  • If you will use 1kw solar system, You can save Rs. 1000-1500 per month on your electricity bill.
1kw solar system :-
  • If you will use 3kw solar system, You can save Rs. 3500 per month on your electricity bill.
3kw solar system :-


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Kp singh Shekhawat - June 10, 2019

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