Best Power Backup Solution for Commerical Establishments

India has enough of electricity supply today. But there still exist the problem of power cut which is capable to cause hindrance in the daily life. To eradicate this problem, inverter battery or generator is used. But using a generator to run a business isn’t possible provided the rising cost of diesel today. In such a case, an inverter battery can be used. Therefore, in this article, you will get to know where the use of a power backup can be needed:

Power Backup Solution for Office

power backup solution for office

An office usually consists of chairs, tables, laptops, and internet for its employees, besides working for sales, marketing, customer support, product development, etc of the products and services of the brand. For instance, IT office, call centre, real estate, advertising agency, film production house, etc. Some offices run in individual building that includes two or more company offices. Whereas, some offices function in shopping complex where co-working space are available or an area is provided seat wise or according to square feet. A power backup solution id necessary in such offices which can be used in frequent power cuts to run the basic lights, computer, laptop, internet, etc.

Power Backup Solution for Showroom

power backup solution for showroom

A showroom is a place where any product is displayed for the people, like that car, laptop, and computer showrooms. It also provides the products’ sales and services. A showroom has quite a-many-lights and if required, an ac too is installed there. A generator or an inverter battery is used there to keep the lights running to tackle the frequent power cuts.

Power Backup Solution for Medical Clinic

power backup solution for medical shop

Every city or place has a medical clinic where people go for their health check-up. In fact, there are several types of medical clinics as well- dental, x-ray, blood test lab, physician, etc- where the initial treatment takes place. For these clinics, the availability of electricity is of three types- government electricity, online UPS, inverter battery. Some of these clinics also use solar panel to reduce electricity bill as much as possible.

Power Backup Solution for Home & Farmhouse

power backup solution for farm house

Many people have a love for living in villages or countryside areas for which they build houses away from cities where there might be no facilities by the government, like electricity, water, roads, school, market, etc. People often party, spend holidays, or celebrate some special occasions in these homes.

For this, they use solar panel and inverter battery to generate their own electricity to run lights, fans, TV, refrigerator, water motor, and ac.

Power Backup Solution for Hotels & Restaurants

power backup solution for hotel

Restaurants and hotels are always visited by people for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any type of parties. Some of them also have the facility of food besides the facility of lodging, whereas some of them have either of them. Because they have lights, fans, TV, inverter, ac, geyser, etc., they have a requirement of a 24*7 power backup.

Power Backup Solution for Shop

power backup solution for shops

Every city and most places have different shops like bakery, jewellery shops, dairy, general store, pharmacies, salons, gyms, spas, etc. These generally work from 5am to 10pm, and have electric appliances. Today, they use generator or inverter battery that can be used during the power cuts.

Power Backup Solution for Transport

power backup solution for van

This category consists of vehicles like caravan, army vans, travellers' vehicles who usually travel away from cities. This is like a mobile house with lights, water pump, laptop, music system, etc. They have solar panels installed on their roofs and inverter battery inside.

Power Backup Solution for Mini Cold Storage

power backup solution for cold storage

India has an agriculture of vegetables in quite a limited quantity. But the farmers need to reap them the same day that they are meant to be and sell them right away. According to researches, about 20% of vegetables are wasted every day. For this same reason, many start-ups in India manufacture mobile cold storage, which can also be installed near the farms. This cold storage is installed with solar panel system which has 5kW solar panel, 5kW battery, and an inverter.

Power Backup Solution for Lift

power backup solution for lift

All the malls and many offices and homes have a facility of lifts besides the stairs. Malls and large buildings already have a convenience of power and its backup, but not all the individual buildings and multi-floor buildings have it. A lift has a 3 phase AC motor that needs power backup.


To tackle the problem of frequent power cuts in commercial areas, a new technology inverter battery has also been developed in India. To know about its benefits and price, visit:

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I m from goa have a boutique resort of 18 rooms I m looking for power back up could you pls share the quotation for the same .
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