Buying a Solar Panel?

buying a solar panel

Here Are the Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind

solar panel 5 factsUsages

Basically, people are buying solar panels for the specific purpose. We found two common purpose to choose solar panels, such as:

Step 1: For Battery Charging 

solar panels for battery charging

Do you need the solar to charge your Batteries or to reduce electricity bills and the benefits of Off Grid Solar are below:


  • Your Home Inverter Battery will be charged from solar and it will not use grid electricity.
  • You will never face power outage problem.

Step - 2: For Reducing Electricity Bill

Do you need the solar to reduce your electricity bills and the benefits of On Grid Solar are below:

 types of solar panels in india

  • During the day your electrical appliance will be running on solar, like A.C., Cooler, Freeze, etc.
  • You will not pay electricity bill for pay consumption.


    Solar Panels are of two types:


    #1. Poly Crystalline Solar Panels


     Benefits of Poly Crystalline:

     poly crystalline solar panel

    • The traditional solar panels generation lower power than mono crystalline solar panels.

    #2. Mono Crystalline Solar Panels


    Benefits of Mono Crystalline:

     mono crystalline solar panel

    • Mono crystalline solar panels generate higher power and also it works during low-light and cloudy weather.


    Pick the solar panel based on size of battery or monthly electricity bill.

    grid connected system



    If your primary need is to charge Home Inverter Batteries, you can choose solar panel capacity between 10W - 375W.


    solar panel capacity


    If your primary need is to run your AC Appliances as well as saving electricity bill, you can choose solar panel capacity between 330W - 350W. 


    solar panel capacity for saving electricity bill


    solar panel size


    Solar Panels occupies space on rooftop smaller the size of solar panel W.R.T. capacity better is rooftop utilization generation. Solar panels from 300W - 375W comes in 2 meter by 1 meter size. Take higher watt i.e. 375 watt panel.



    solar panel features 

    IP67/68 JUNCTION BOX: Panels are kept in outdoor. Hence, your solar panel junction box must be IP67/68 which make solar panel dust proof.


    1mtr. DC WIRE: Solar panel with inbuilt wire and connector makes it easy to install and reduce electrical leakages.

    To Know in Detail, Watch This Video

    हिंदी में पढ़ें: सोलर पैनल खरीदते समय इन पाँच बातों को रखें ध्यान, वरना होगा भारी नुकसान


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    Rajkumar Bihani - December 30, 2019

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    RAmesh - December 20, 2019

    I need to run a half HP mono block pump to fill a 1000 litre overhead tank. I need your advice as to whether I can run the motor for say 10 minutes in a single A.C. Loom solar panel and if yes, how much will be all inclusive offer

    Sachin - December 16, 2019


    Sachin - December 12, 2019


    Rk Chowdary - November 26, 2019

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