How to Install Small Size Solar Panels from 1KW to 10KW?

Solar energy in high demand now every house hold wants to own it but due to lack of knowledge, awareness and lack luster support of government. Customer always face difficulty in buying this product and even installations. Many engineer, home buyers and electricians buy the product but they also don’t even know how to install it properly.


Step 1: Know the Rooftop Space

Step 2: Creation of mounted Structure

Step 3: Joint Connection of each solar Panel

Step 4: Connection of Inverter with Battery

Step 5: Connection of Solar Panels with Inverter and Grid


In this article, we would highlight top 10 steps that you have to follow for proper installations of solar off grid systems:


Components required for “off grid” solar systems installations

1. Solar Panels
2. Solar Structure
3. DC Wire
4. Solar Inverter
5. Solar Battery

Step 1: Know the Solar Roof Space

How much area is required for 1 kW solar panels?

How much area is required for 1 kW solar panels?

It is important to know the available rooftop space to install solar panels otherwise you may choose wrong size solar panel. It will be also difficult if you buy more solar panels, having less space than required for solar panels.

Solar Panels is available in market in various size from small 10 watt to large size 335 watt. You will buy it basis your requirement and benefits from the product.


Thumb Rule: If you have less space, you need more power then you should buy small size panels in large quantity and if you have large space available then you should buy large size panels in small quantity to fulfill your requirements.

Step 2: Creation of Mounting Structure

There are five types of mounting structure:

  • Roof mounted racks
  • Ground mounted racks
  • Top of Pole mounted racks
  • Side of pole mounted racks
  • Tracking system mounted racks

Usually, Roof mounted structure is more popular among residential buyers as it is structured on their own roof which is readily available. During creation of mounted structure, you should keep in mind south facing area where you get more sun light during the day where there should not any shading.

What are the components required for mounted structure?

        1. XR Rails

XR Rails

        2. Clamps


            3. Additional Components

    Additional Components for mounted structure

    1. Standoffs
    2. Slotted L-feet
    3. Tilt-Legs
    4. Adjustable Tilt legs
    5. End Clamps
    6. T-bolt lugs
    7. End caps
    8. Wire Clips


    Step 3: Joint Connection of Each Solar Panels


    Backside of poly crystalline solar panels

    Backside of poly crystalline solar panels

    Connect the solar panels with wire as parallel or in series connection as per requirement. Connection should be tight and there should not any loose wiring else it impacts efficiency of Solar panels. During bad weather conditions, there is chances of short circuit so you should not compromise on bad quality wiring.

    After installations it should look like as given below, all the pillars are filled with solid concrete so it should provide safety to mounted structures.

    Solar Panels Structure

    Solar Panels Structure

    Step 4: Connection of Inverter with Battery


    Battery Connection

                                                Battery Connection

    Step 5: connection of Solar Panel with Inverter and Grid


    Connection diagram of off grid system

                                        Connection diagram of off grid system

    For ordinary household, It may take some times to understand all of the above, but believe me, it is very simple to install solar panel at your roof. It gives pleasure and excitement once you use solar energy, you can run all appliance of your home like TV, led bulb, ceiling fans, water pumps etc. Solar technology innovated many decades ago but we are using it now with full efficiency. This generation is fortune that we have got such kind of alternate energy as Solar.

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    Sandip - September 20, 2019

    Send quotation of 10 k.w. solar panel

    ANIRUDHA BHOI - September 10, 2019

    We have 300 sq ft roof area (RCC).Can i instal 1 kw solar system. What will be probable cost .
    Can your company send instalation responsibility.
    What will be total cost in all.
    Can we order on line.
    Awaiting your reply
    Anirudha bhoi
    At Komna Nuapada Odisha.
    Pin 766106.

    Sudhanshu Shekhar - June 18, 2019

    I want to install 10kva house hold solar panel system. How I can do & what will be cost of it guide me on my email address please

    Karan Singh - June 5, 2019

    I want to install 10 kW solar panels, please guide and send me quotation.

    Bhavesh Solanki - May 11, 2019
    I mtechnician

    I need some halp
    I need to solar panel information or cost so anny one send me contact
    I have thing Big plan so we r some halpping or gaid to
    Thank you
    Bhavesh solanki

    Deep Gudhka - March 26, 2019

    I want to buy solar panels for Home and Business. Usages :- LED Tubelight (15) and Ceiling Fan (4). Please give me total installation Rate.

    alfred david - January 22, 2019

    its always advisable to use 4 sqr wire for all wireing between panels and a slightly thicker guage between the battery and inverter as the current is a lot higher between these components.

    Rajesh B Meshram - July 8, 2018

    How to select D.C. wire size for 1kw to 10 kw with respect to distance. is there any formula to calculate the wire size in square mm

    Rattan C Mannotra - June 8, 2018

    Want to install 10 kW solar panels,for house, please guide how to acquire + budget required.

    Amol kumar Patel - May 31, 2018

    10kw solar power plant ki units lagvana chahta hu to mere gmail id me qutation evm aap hamari kya help kar sakte hai margdarshan dijiye please

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