Can people who live in apartments install solar panels at their homes?

Yes, people who live in apartments in India can install solar panels at their homes, but there are some important things to consider. Firstly, you need permission from your apartment association because you'll be making changes to the building's structure. Discuss your plans and check if they have any existing rules or policies regarding solar panels.


Next, consider the available space for solar panels. Apartments usually have limited roof space, so you may need to install smaller solar panels or use shared rooftop facilities if available. Here you can consult with loom solar, we provide the service of customised solar panel according to your roof or balcony space. So, you can install solar system without any hustle.

Financially, you can benefit from government incentives and subsidies for solar panel installation in India. Many states offer attractive schemes to promote solar power generation.

Lastly, consult with a professional solar panel installer to assess your apartment's suitability for solar panels and to determine the best system size for your needs.


In summary, while it's possible for apartment owner  to install solar panels, it's essential to navigate legalities, assess space limitations, and explore available financial perks like subsidies and EMI/Loan to make the most of this eco-friendly energy source.

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