Electricity Bill Calculator

Electricity Bill Calculator helps the consumers to know about home electricity bill state wise of India. You can decide which capacity of solar system you should install to reduce an electricity bill?  Use this calculator now:


How can I use it?

It is easy to use electricity bill calculator. You have to select state, district, DISCOM name, sanctioned load (it's mentioned on electricity meter / electricity bill), type of electricity meter (single / three phase) and electricity consumptions. This electricity bill calculators will shows slab units cost state wise where you want.

Avg. Electricity Rate in India

For better understanding, you can remember below two points:

1. Residential: Avg. electricity bill is Rs. 6 to 9 per units including all charges.

2. Commercial: Avg. electricity bill is Rs. 10 to 20 per units including all charges.

Note: The accuracy rate of this calculator is up to 95%, we are working on it to improve it's accuracy rate. If you have any specific query, you can contact with support team via email: sales@loomsolar.com or call: 8750 77 88 00

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rohit malhan

rohit malhan

need 7kw solar system , on graid , in Gurgaon

Prasad Ravindra Kadam

Prasad Ravindra Kadam

How do I get the price of the electricity bill unit?

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