Best Solar System for New Home

I am building a new home and planning to install solar panels for running basic appliances. I want to run LED TV, Freeze, Washing Machine, Lights, Fans, then how many watts of solar panels required and how much capacity of battery required?

There is no electricity available in my area so which system should I choose to run basic appliances?

You can choose between 0.5kW or 1kW off grid solar system as per your electricity requirement. On 500 kw solar system you can easily run LED, fans, Lights, laptop etc but if you take 1 kw solar system then fridge, cooler, electric sooty, iron etc will run with the basic appliances.
Price of 500-Watt solar system: The price of Loom Solar 500 Watt off grid solar system is Rs. 60,000 including products, and delivery.  
Price of 1kW solar system: The price of Loom Solar 1KW off grid solar system is Rs. 1,05,000 including products, and delivery. 

How does the solar system work?

A solar system, also known as a solar power system, converts sunlight into usable electricity through a process called photovoltaics (PV). The main components of a typical solar system include solar panels, inverters, a mounting system, and sometimes a battery storage system.

I already have an inverter or battery so what will be the cost of only solar panel?

The cost of solar panels for existing inverter battery charging is Rs. 35,000 to 40,000. 

If there are any warranty on solar panels if they get damage?

Yes loom solar gives you 25 years of warranty on solar panel if they get damaged due to uncertain reasons loom solar will give a replacement option as well.

How to calculate load and battery backup time?

Capacity of battery / Load = Backup Time 
150Ah * 12 * 80% = 1400-1500W / 400W = 3-4 hrs. approx. you can run appliances.
Day time & night you can run / enjoy using solar power. 

Does a solar panel work in cloudy weather?

Yes, Loom Solar’s “Monocrystalline solar panel” are the best solar panel for home because it has 20% to 22% higher efficiency even in low sun light and cloudy weather conditions. This solar panel can generate more electricity comparison then to normal. It is also having some more benefits such as space- efficient, durability, performance & longest lifespan of 25 or more years that’s why Monocrystalline solar panel are popular amongst home & business.

What is the difference between a normal inverter and solar inverter?

Normal inverter converts AC current to DC current and DC to AC current, but the solar inverter has a charge controller which has the option to charge the battery using solar panels. Both inverters work similar functions. The price of a solar inverter is Rs. 8,500 to 17,000.

Can I buy this solar system on EMI?

Yes, it is possible to purchase a solar system on monthly instalments EMI. Loom Solar offer financing options to make solar system more affordable and accessible to homeowners. To know more about solar on Emi visit this

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