Use of Solar Panel Warranty

A guarantee from solar panel manufacturer to installer to ensure production level and equipment reliability. The performance and equipment guarantees vary between products and solar companies – typically lasting between 10-25 years. 

Solar Panel Warranty in Details:

 A solar panel warranty has two distinct parts: Product Equipment Warranties and a performance guarantee. 

Product / Equipment Warranty

Solar Panel equipment warranties cover the physical panels themselves. This includes any manufacturing defects, durability issues, or equipment failure. The warranty typically covers the cost of replacing the faulty or damaged panel with a new working one. Most equipment warranties of solar panels last between 10-15 years but some premium panels have warranties for upto 25 years.

Performance Guarantee

A Solar panel performance guarantee establishes a base electricity production over the lifetime of the panels. The amount of electricity a solar panel produces slightly declines every year they are in use. This decline in production is fairly predictable as the power output should not lose more than 10-20% production over the 25 years. If the panel drops below this at any time, a performance guarantee fixes or replaces any faulty panels so your system is performing at optimal capacity.




I have 20watt dc fan, and 50 watt solar plate still fan is not working, there is some promlem in my loom solar plate, how to take warranty?

rishabh gupta

rishabh gupta

how can i return solarpanel to seller to claim guarantee

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