Luminous 100 Watt vs. Loom Solar 125 Watt Solar Panel: Which is Better?

We all wish to have a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere when we are at our homes. In our modern lifestyle, we cannot imagine a single day without all-out electronic gadgets or the basic electrical appliances we require at home. Although, there is a very common problem faced in most of the rural areas during summers and monsoons. The problem is of low voltage or frequent power cut issues which affect our day-to-day life to a great extend.


An effective solution to this problem is getting a Solar panel installed at your place. The major question arises on account of choosing the correct Solar Panel for your needs. A solar panel is the ultimate solution to save on your electricity bills as well as having a comfortable experience during voltage fluctuations or power cut issues.


In this article, we will help you to choose the suitable Solar Panel as per your requirement by comparing between Luminous 100-watt Solar panel and Loom Solar 125 watt Solar Panel.




Luminous 100 Watt

Loom Solar 125 Watt






Mono Perc


1020 X 665 X 35 MM

1020 X 665 X 35 MM

DC Wire with MC4 Connector



Frame Size

35x30, Anodized frame

35x30, Anodized frame







Luminous 100 watts is designed with high-quality solar cell and allows excellent performance even in low-light conditions. Its high torsion provides resistance against wind loads and snow loads during extreme climate making it corrosion resistant and waterproof.


Loom Solar 125 watt solar panels are highly efficient with A-grade mono perk cells. It offers a performance warranty of 25 years. It is specifically designed to provide adequate support during cloudy and stormy weather. For higher module efficiency, the junction box is given with an MC4 compatible cable connector.


1. Running DC Fans with Solar Panels

running dc fan

You can use your Solar Panel to run DC fans during power cuts or power fluctuations. It is a very helpful solution during summers. These days, we all have become mobile-savvy. We consume electricity for a variety of purposes such as to charge a mobile, laptop, running water motors, and home appliances. Thus, in case of frequent power failures, we can still have the comfort of our regular lifestyle.

2. Charging E-Rickshaw Battery

e rickshaw battery charging

Due to the increasing level of pollution in the city, we need green and sustainable products for a better life. Thus, to promote this culture, E- Rickshaws were introduced in the Indian market to have an eco-friendly mode of transport. But as they run on electricity, it is a major problem to get them to charge during work hours. Solar Panel can be of great help to charge the rickshaw’s battery without hampering the regular working of the rickshaw.

3. Solar Street Light

solar street light

Our advanced technology has offered one more important gift to us in the form of LDR (Light-dependent resistor) that enables automated turning on and off of street lights on a regular basis. Also, installing it along with the Solar Panel ensures that no electricity is being consumed for this very important activity.


Luminous 100 watt Solar Panel - Rs. 4,500/-

Loom Solar 100 watt Panel - Rs. 6,000/-


The price for 100 watt solar panel is approximately Rs. 4000 whereas for 125 watt solar panel is Rs. 6,000.

Luminous 100 Watt vs. Loom 125 Watt Solar Panel: Which one should you choose?

By looking at all the important points, we can conclude that there are certain important things to be considered before buying a Solar Panel. Also, you can buy a Solar Panel which is suitable from the concerned retail shops or the online shopping sites. Loom Solar offers delivery across the country in 3 working days. You can visit and explore their local retail shops for complete details and same-day delivery.

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