Solar Solution for Group Housing Society

Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are the top nine metropolitan cities of India with a population of more than four million. The real estate industry is growing in the top cities, where transportation, connectivity, infrastructure, employment, entertainment options, culture, health care facilities, education are the key factors with definite benefits in these cities.

Why do people prefer to live in metro cities?

metero cities in india

The living style of people in these cities generally lies in modern to sub modern class, they prefer to live in societies due to the availability of basic facilities such as safety, temple, gym, park, swimming pool, medical assistance, shopping complex, etc. To run all the facilities, a society requires electricity which will run all the essential electrical appliances such as lift, lights, water motor, CCTV camera, music system, control room’s devices, parking lights, and much more.

Power Consumption in Group Housing Society

power consumption of ghs

Generally, a society has multiple towers / wings / blocks etc. a single tower has multiple floors, and each floor has multiple flats. The average area of a tower is approximately 1000 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. or above. The electricity consumption for the common electrical equipment in an individual tower such as corner and corridor lights, CCTV camera, etc. The electricity bill that is generated lies in between the range of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 monthly. *(As described by multiple society tower owners.)

The biggest concern for the owners is the rising electricity bills. The owners have multiple queries such as what type of solar system should they installwhat should be the power consumption capacity for these systems which can run all the heavy to low electrical equipment, and how can they install the solar systemsIn this buying guide, you will be provided with the complete guide on “how you can plan to install solar systems for group housing societies.”

Which solar system should I install for group housing societies?

50kW solar panel

A simple answer to this is the “On Grid Solar System.” The main purpose for installing a solar system can help reduce the rising electricity bills with marginal number and can also replace generators as power supply and backup solution.

For the installation of solar system, Loom Solar provides Engineer assistance to its customers who will visit the installation site and will provide all the information based on the location and the need of the consumer to understand what are the requirements for a solar system installation.

What are the main benefits of installing solar system?

50kW solar inverter

The major benefit of installing solar system is that with one time investment, the solar energy is lifetime free. The energy generation can be done from an idle rooftop which is barely used for anything. Due to the topography of India, we can generate electricity for nearly 30 days put of 365.

Other crucial benefits of using installing solar system:

  1. Saves Electricity Bill: Up to 80-90% of electricity bill can be saved by using solar power.
  2. Reduces CO2 Emission: A 1kW solar panel can reduce 16 ton of CO2 emission in its lifetime and is equals to 28 tree plantations.

What is the average cost of rooftop solar installation for group housing societies?

A group housing society has a basic need in between 100 kW to 200 kW of electricity consumption. The electricity board approves 80% to 100% solar consumption usage on the current transformer capacity. If a society wants to install 100kW rooftop solar system, then the cost will range from Rs. 50 Lakhs to 60 Lakhs inclusive of all the essential parameters and components.

With the installation of a 100 kW solar system, a solar company / solar panel manufacturer / EPC / solar installer will perform the documentation, installation of solar products, net metering, AMC, and will complete other necessary procedures.

The ROI (return on Investment) of rooftop solar systems is between 2 to 3 years after that the electricity generation will be free for the upcoming 25 to 30 years. Loom Solar is a leading rooftop solar company in India which provides ‘Super High Efficiency Solar Panels – SHARK 550 (Monofacial and Bifacial)’ along with the ‘Solar Inverter – FUSION 3kW to 100kW GTI inverter.’

Are there any subsidies provided by the government for group housing society?

Yes, there are some subsidies that are being provided by the government for group housing societies. The amount for which starts form Rs. 7,200 per kW.

Are there any finance facilities available for rooftop solar systems for group housing society?

Yes, The finance option is available which starts from 20% down payment after which there will be monthly EMIs. Any consumer can acquire the monthly EMIs which is equal to monthly electricity bills.

Loom Solar have tie-ups and partnerships with different banks & non-banking partners and provides finance assistance to its consumers.

How much area is required for the installation of solar panel?

installation area for 50kW solar panel

The average installation area required for a 1kW solar panel ranges in between 60 to 80 sq. ft. (square feet). In some cases, a customized solar panel stand (mounting structure) is installed which can be larger in size which depends on the site survey. Generally, a high rise structure is ideal for a RCC rooftop and a tin shade structure is required for an asbestos roof also known as tin shade roof.


The real estate industry will adopt the solar energy generation with a very fast rate due to their requirement and their core expertise for building environment friendly and self sustaining buildings. All the governments (State and Central) are also promoting the green building concept in India to save the precious natural resources and move towards a sustainable resources and living.

For more information, visit our website at or find our dealer / distributor on Google with “Nearby Loom Solar Dealer / Distributor.”

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Eninrac Consultancy

Eninrac Consultancy

an ideal solar solution for group housing societies, paving the way for sustainable and energy-efficient communities. With this innovative approach, the power of the sun is harnessed to provide clean and reliable energy to every household within the society. By embracing solar solutions, the group housing society not only reduces its carbon footprint but also enjoys long-term cost savings and energy independence. It’s a collective step towards a greener future, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and harmony within the community.

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