Easy Way to Low Your Electricity Bill : Solar Energy

Solar Installation @1kw

Friends, My name is Suresh Tyagi. I live in U.P. Amroha District. I have many big farms I use 1hp water motor for irrigation in firms. Before when I did not use solar my electricity bill came around Rs.10k-15k per month. The farming did not have much benefit as much that I had to pay in the electricity bill.

But since I have started using solar, My electricity bill is half, Which is very beneficial for me. According to me I did a very good job because now I am getting very good result from solar. For farmers this is very beneficial plan.

As well the most important thing I am using on-grid solar system, Which works only in day time and this is sufficient for me. As well I got subsidy from Govt. Rs. 20,000 on this solar system.

Invest one time and get benefit for long time.

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