Top 10 Cities in Odisha

Odisha is an eastern state of India, with the longest coastline of 485 km along the Bay of Bengal  state also shares geographic boundaries with West Bengal in the north-east, Jharkhand in the north and Andhra Pradesh in the southOdisha has a rich cultural and natural heritage, with many temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and tribal communities. The state celebrates its foundation day on 1st April as Utkala Dibasa. Odisha’s capital and largest city is Bhubaneswar, which is also a center of education and technology. Odisha is known for its mineral resources, handicrafts, and tourism.Shree Jagannatha Puri Temple and Konark Temple is the famous temple of Odisha. Lake Chilka is the largest brackish water lagoon in Odisha. The only white tiger safari and the largest lion safari take place at Nandan Kanan Zoological Park in Odisha.

Top 10 Cities in Odisha, India 

1. Bhubaneshwar
2. Cuttack
3. Rourkela
4. Angul
5. Mayurbhanj
6. Puri
7. Sambalpur
8. Brahmapur

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