What Is The Cost Of A 6kW Solar System?

The cost of a solar system depends on the location, roof, and size. Before installing the solar system you need to check the sanctioned load of your home. To know more about a 6kW solar system you can read here.



My House Has A Sanctioned Load Of 7KW.

You need to install a 6kW solar system if your house has a sanctioned load of 7kW. 

If The Demand In My Electricity Bill Is For A 5kW System Then I Will Get A 6kw On-Grid Installed.

If your house has a demand for the 5kW system then you can install a 6kW on-grid solar system which will reduce your electricity bill. 

Does The Company Provide Net Metering? 

Net metering is provided by the government but our company can help you in the process of net metering. 

Which Panel Is Used In Installation?

A 6kW solar system consists of Mono-Perc solar panels. 

How Many Panels Will The Company Use For A 6kw On-Grid System?

The panel which is used for a 6kW on-grid solar system is a Mono-Perc. 

How Many Watts Of The Bifacial Panel Will Be Provided?

In a 6kW on-grid solar system you will get the 12 panel of 550-Watt DCR solar panels.

How Many Units Are Generated A Day?

A 6kW solar system can generate 30 units per day.  

How Much Efficiency In One Solar Panel?

The efficiency of the solar panel depends on the efficiency and the type of solar panel. 

How Much Is The Final Amount Of A 6kW On-Grid Solar System?

A 6kW solar system can range from Rs.60k per kW. To get the estimated price of the solar system you need to book an engineer visit. They will visit your site and provide you with a quotation. 

What Is The Payment Option On A 6kW On-Grid System?

You can buy the solar system on Loan or EMI. You have to do a 20% downpayment and 80% monthly EMI. 


A 6kW solar system is suitable for those who are looking for a good option for home and business. To get more information about a solar panel you can contact the nearby solar installer. They will guide you and install the solar panel. 

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