How Much Does A 9kW Solar System Cost?

Solar systems are used to reduce electricity and it may cost you high. It can generate electricity as the capacity of the solar panel. In this, you will get to know about the price of a 9kW solar system and also the common questions that are asked by consumers. 



I Want To Install A 9kw Solar System.

A 9kW solar system is A 9KW on-grid solar system is a solar power setup designed to generate up to 9 kilowatts of electricity by converting sunlight into electricity. An on-grid system does not include battery storage, it is dependent on the grid for power supply during nighttime or cloudy days. 

If There Is Light Here Then An On-Grid System Has To Be Installed.

An on-grid solar system is a grid-connected solar system. The on-grid solar system reduces your electricity bills by up to 80%. 

Our House Meter Load Of 9 kilowatts So Please Suggest The Best Solar System 

If your home meter load is 9kW and electricity is available in your area then you can install an on-grid solar system. It will reduce your electricity bill.

I Want To Install A Bifacial Solar Panel 

You will get the latest technology Topcon solar panel in a 9kW on-grid solar system. 

How Many Days Does The Installation Duration Last?

The installation lasts for up to 2-3 days.

What Is The Cost Of A 9kw On-Grid Solar System?

A 9kW solar can cost you from Rs.50,000 to 60,000 per kW.

Is There A Dealer or Distributor Near Our Area?

Yes, the dealer or distributor is available in your area. 

What Is The Engineer Visit Charge? 

The engineer visit charge is Rs.1000. But this amount is refundable whether you like to install a solar system or not.   

Will There Be A Subsidy On Bifacial Solar Panels?

Yes, the subsidy is available for bifacial solar panels. 

Will Site Booking Be Online or Offline?

To book a site survey you can book it online from our website. 


Detailed information about the solar system will be provided by the experts. To know more detailed information you can consult with our team or you can book an engineer visit at your location. 

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