How Much Does A 10kW Solar System Cost?

The cost of a 10kW solar system typically ranges between Rs.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs   This price includes equipment such as solar panels and inverters, as well as installation and installation costs. Prices can vary based on factors such as location, the specific technology used, and the installer chosen.



Will the Electricity Bill Be Reduced With a 10kW Solar System?

Yes, a 10kW on-grid solar system can reduce your electricity bill. An on-grid solar system is used to reduce the electricity bill. 

Which Panels Will be Available in 10kW?

In 10kW you will get a mono-perk solar panel. 

Which Panel Does Your Company Provide Black Panels or Blue Ones?

Our company provides the blue panels as it can generate more electricity. 

Is There a Dealer or Distributor in Karnal, Haryana?

Yes, there are dealers and distributors that are available in Karnal, Haryana.

If I Have a House Load of 10kW Then How Much Solar System Will I Need?

To install a 10kW solar system you need to check the sanctioned load of your house. If your home load is 10kW then you can install a 10kW solar system. 

What Is The Price Of A 10kW On-grid System?

The price of a 10kW on-grid solar system is approximately 5-6 lakhs. 

How Many Years Of Warranty On Solar Panels?

The warranty of a solar panel is 25 years. 

How Many Charges Are For The Site Survey?

To book a site survey you need to pay Rs.1000. This amount is refundable. 

Is It Available On Loan?

Yes, this solar system is available on a loan you need to do a 20% downpayment. 

Is An Electricity Connection Required For The Solar System?

If you install an on-grid and hybrid solar system then the electricity connection is required. But if you install an off-grid solar system you do not need any electricity connection. 


This solar system is great for the consumer who wants a complete solar setup for their home. You can book an engineer visit on our website, and we'll send an engineer to your location.

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