Top 10 Solar Charge Controllers in India, 2023

What is Solar Charge Controller?

Solar Charge Controller is an electronic device which controls the variation of the power produced from Solar Panel to charge the battery as well as run DC Load.

Why do we need a Solar Charge Controller?

It is basically a voltage and/or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. It regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery. Most 12 volt panels put out about 16 to 18 volts, so if there is no regulation the batteries will be damaged overcharging.

Application of Solar Charge Controller

It is used in the solar applications and is also called solar battery charger. Its function is to regulate the voltage and current from the solar arrays to the battery in order to preventing overcharging and also over discharging.

Types of Solar Charge Controllers

There are two types of solar charge controllers. They are:

PWM Solar Charge Controller: PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Solar Charge Controller is an electronic device which works to match the voltage of panel to voltage of battery. It pulls down the panel’s output voltage in doing so.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller: An MPPT Controller, or Maximum Power Point Tracker is an electronic DC to DC converter that optimizes the match between the solar array (PV panels) and the battery bank. They convert a higher voltage DC output from solar panels down to the lower voltage needed to charge batteries and convert extra voltage of panel into current which increases the output from solar system.

10 Solar Charge Controllers with Price List for Inverter Battery, 2023

Here, we give you a list of the best Solar charge controllers 2023 India. Click on each of the recommended top 10 solar battery chargers to read their detailed reviews, and get more information on the best solar charge controllers in India.

 Loom Solar Charge Controller 10 Amp

Loom solar - charge controller - 10 amps for Lithium batteries


  • Loom Solar 10 amp Charge Controller PWM based technology

  • Loom Solar 10 amp Charge Controller Automatic battery voltage selection of 12 Volt.
  • Loom Solar 10 amp Charge Controller In built low voltage disconnect & 20% extra power than rated capacity
  • Loom Solar 10 amp Charge Controller Supports up to 250 Watt panels on 12 Volt Battery . 

Luminous Shine 2420 solar conversion kit 20 amps, 12V / 24V charge controller

  • Luminous solar retrofit uses solar optimization technique which helps to extract maximum power from the solar energy. 
  • User friendly display screen enables a lay man to understand battery charging status, charging source, total unit savings etc
  • The solar conversion kit enables fast and safe charging, resulting in longer battery life.
  • Luminous shine 2420 solar conversion kit 20 amps comes with maximum solar panel capacity of 800 watts. Upto 200 Ah of battery can be used with this kit.
  • Luminous shine 2420 solar charge controller also comes with a world class MCB, which ensures your UPS and connected loads are protected from short circuits.


Luminous solar charge controller - 6 Amp, 12 volt

  • Luminous solar charge controllers is a must have to convert your normal inverter battery system to solar system.
  • Running DC load and charging batteries using solar panels are the primary function of this charge controller.
  • Maximum solar panel capacity of this charge controller is 800 watts and are suitable for smaller sized solar systems.
  • Luminous solar charge controllers are available at discounted rates in loom solar website. Call us at 8750 77 88 00 for more details.


Microtek solar charge controller smu 10 amps, 12 Volt-3

  • Microtek Mtek 1012 SMU is a complete solar management unit that protects your solar panels and batteries from overload.
  • Mtek 2012 solar management system has a voltage of 12 Colt and maximum charging capacity of 10 Amps.
  • Microtek solar charge controller also disconnects the solar panel from the battery during nights to avoid reverse current flow.
  • This smart solar management has inbuilt technology to use solar energy to the maximum and less power from AC mains.
  • Max solar panel capacity for this solar management unit is 120 wp and Recommended battery capacity is 150 ah and aboce.


smarten charge controller

Smarten MPPT Solar Management Unit 30 amps, 12-24V, Controller

  • It is a 30 amps mppt charge controller that connects with single (12 v), and double (24v) batteries. 

  • It supports Up to 500 watts of solar panel with single battery and 1,000 watts of panel if it is a two battery system (24V)
  • It works with 12 and 24 volt battery system
  • LCD display with 30% more power generation  


Sukam solarcon pv charge controller 20 amps, 12-24v -10

  • Sukam solarcon is a smart device, which can convert any ordinary inverter and battery set up into solar power system.
  • Solarcon pv charge controllers helps you to use free energy generated from sunlight to run all your household appliances.
  • Solar con regulates the current flow from solar panels to the batteries during day and blocks excess flow from batteries to panel during night.
  • Solar con has inbuilt smart system to analyse when to charge your inverter from sunlight and when from grid.

Microtek solar charge controller smu 30 amps, 24 volt

  • Microteks micro controller based high efficiency solar management unit is best suited for low power applications.
  • This has a max solar open circuit voltage of 22V and maximum solar panel capacity of 720 watts.
  • Microtek SMU also disconnects the solar panel from the battery to avoid the reverse current flow from the battery to Panel during night.
  • Recommended battery capacity is 2 no.s upto 150 ah and also has peak charging efficiency of 99 percent.

Sukam mppt charge controller 40 amps, 48 volt

  • Su-Kam’s MPPT Solar Charger Controller is a system with advanced MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Technology.
  • Mppt charge controllers are an integral part of offgrid and ongrid solar systems, especially for offgrid system connected with batteries.
  • It connects with 48 volt battery system i.e. four batteries system inverter and also provide protection from voltage fluctuations and short circuit.
  • MPPT Controllers converts excess voltage into average. Converting excess voltage into Amps, the charge voltage can be kept at an optimal level while the time required to charge the battery is reduced.

Microtek PWM Solar Charge Controller SMU 60 Amps 12V

  • The micro-controller in Microtek Solar Management Unit, senses the battery full-charge voltage and it cuts off the battery from charging, when it reached full charge status.
  • Microtek’s solar management unit is best suited for low-power applications. It is used to charge battery from solar panels.
  • Microtek Solar Management Unit, senses the battery full-charge voltage and it cuts off the battery from charging, when it reached full charge status.
  • Microteks SMU comes with maximum solar panel capacity of 720 watts and recommended battery capacity is upto 400 ah.

Luminous solar charge controller - 10 amp, 12-24V

  • Luminous Charge Controller charges batteries from solar panels without permitting overcharge and also prevent reverse current flow at night.
  • Charge Controller comes with USB port which gives you the flexibility of charging your DC devices like Mobile phone directly without the use of an adapter.
  • This charge controller supports upto 400 watts of solar panels.

Watch our PWM Solar Charge Controller 10  Amps, 12V - Unboxing & Installation Guide video:


What are some important features to consider when buying a solar charge controller?

Before purchasing a solar charge controller, you must ensure that you consider features and specifications such as the voltage range, current rating, controller type, features, make of materail, and type of termails to ensure you purchase a variant that meets all your requirements.

Which are the best solar charge controller brands available in India?

Loom Solar, Luminous, Microtek, Smarten, and Havells are some of the best charge controller brands available in the Indian market.




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