which solar panel is best to run only 4 fans and 12 bulbs?

Question of client - I live in Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh I want to run only 4 fans and 12 bulbs for that I much watt of solar panel do I need?  

I already have a 2 battery and an inverter now I only want solar panel.  

Answer from us - For this requirement, you can install 2 panels of 445 watt each with this you can easily enjoy the 8 to 10 hours of power without any interruption.

Question of client – Which appliances can I run except fans or lights on you suggest solar panels?

Ans – With the two 445 watt of solar panels you can run a load of approx. 900 watts, that means you enjoy 4 to 5 fans & 8 to 10 bulbs, 1 TV, 1 laptop, mobile/laptop charging, iron, electric scooty.

Question of client – What will be the price of 2 solar panels?

Ans – The cost of two 445-watt panel is 40,000. For more information you can call us at - 8750 77 88 00.

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Sharad Shrivastava

Sharad Shrivastava

I want to know the approximate cost to install solar panels which will generate sufficient energy for 8 led bulb, 1 CRT TV, 1 fridge, 5 ceiling fans and 2 hp water pump?

शिवाजी खानाजी तुरे

शिवाजी खानाजी तुरे

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Dear Sir,
My requirement is 2 fan and 2 led bulb for 24 hours .
pls suggest which is the cost of complete setup.

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