What is Hybrid Solar System and Why its Become a Top Choice?

What is Hybrid Solar System?

Hybrid solar system have a capabilities of both an on grid solar system and off grid solar system. In translation, a hybrid solar system is that kind of system which is connected to local grid-tied and includes solar battery storage. The hybrid solar system holds a hybrid solar inverter that can switch between using solar power, battery power, and grid power intelligently, Solar panels utilize sunlight to produce electricity, while the solar batteries store energy for backup during power shortages or an emergency situations. As a result, hybrid solar systems can provide continuous power even if the local electricity or government electricity goes down or in the absence of sunlight.

How does Hybrid Solar System Works?

A hybrid solar system needs a hybrid solar inverter, Which can manage both solar energy and grid electricity. The hybrid solar inverter can regulate the voltage and converts DC to AC voltage, which powers household appliances. The hybrid solar inverter also arranges when to use solar power, solar battery backup, or grid electricity depending on the availability and demand of electricity also its help to send excess electricity back to DISCOM and maintain the record of send electricity and used electricity.

What is the Price of Hybrid Solar System?

The price or cost of the hybrid solar system depends on various factors like capacity, components, and installation. On an average, a 3-to-10-kilowatt residential or commercial hybrid solar system can cost from Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 7,00,000 or more. Also, central and state government offers subsidies to promote the rooftop solar system this will help to reduce the price of final price and making affordable and cost affective choice.

Also, Many banking and non-banking financial institutions offers solar loan to install the solar system with easy EMI options that do not hassle your pocket and install the solar system as like your monthly electricity bill.

Components of Hybrid Solar System

Solar Panel - Loom Solar has introduced the latest solar panel under monocrystalline solar panel technology which is "Shark Bi-Facial Solar Panel." It is a super high efficiency series of solar panels that produce power from front and back both the sides. Also, this kind of solar panel can work under low sunlight and cloudy weather conditions and generate 20% to 22% more power than the normal solar panel. That’s why solar professional also recommended the bifacial solar panel is the top choice for home and business.

Lithium Battery or Solar Battery - Lithium battery or solar battery is ideal for home and business. Loom solar developed the high-capacity Lithium battery “100 Ah / 48volt 5000-watt” hour. This lithium battery has a many features like it is maintenance free, 10-year life cycle, faster charging, longer life, lightweight which makes it easy to transport as well as it comes with a 5-year warranty. 
With this power backup storage one can runs everything such as Multiple lights, Many Celling fans, 8- 10, and home & Kitchen appliances such as Television, Refrigerator, Water Motor, Geyser, Grinder, Juicer Machine, Inverter AC and many more appliances up to the power of 5000 Watts.

Solar inverter - Solar inverter is one of the important components of a hybrid solar system, that converts the direct current (DC) electricity into the alternating current (AC). This generated electricity can be used to power appliances in home and Business. Solar inverter is a major part of a hybrid solar system as they allow power to be utilized as a viable source of electricity.

Solar charge Controller - Solar charge controller is a crucial component in a hybrid solar system. It regulates the flow of current and voltage from the solar panels to the batteries, ensuring optimal charging and preventing overcharging or over discharging.

Mounting Structure – Mounting Structure is an essential framework that supports or secures the solar panels on rooftop areas. It ensures the solar panel direction and have it to the sunlight exposure. Wires, cables, and many other solar products are also important in the solar panel installation.

Why Hybrid Solar System is Best for Home and Business?

Hybrid solar systems have serval advantages for home and business. First, it provides the power supply for 24x7 by storing the extra electricity in solar battery generated by solar panel. Which can be used in during night, cloudy days or an emergency. This will help you to eliminate your electricity bill by up to 80% and makes you energy independent.

Hybrid solar system is also offering the benefits of net metering through which one can earn credit or money by selling the extra electricity generated by solar panels to local DISCOM or power supply company. These days hybrid solar system becomes the optimal choice for home and business as they enhance energy efficiency, reduce costs, increased the property value, need limited rooftop space, budget friendly as well as making them a smart and long-life investment for a bright future.

How Many Kilowatts of Hybrid Solar System Is Suitable?

If you are confused about the which size of hybrid solar system is suitable upon my requirements, then you simply use power load calculator. Loom solar has make the load calculator through this one can easily estimate the size of hybrid solar system according to their current electricity load so you can easily estimate your power backup solution. Using power load calculator, you can decide to choose the best solar battery with solar panel solution for your home, hospital, shop, factory, school, etc. A hybrid solar inverter is the central component of power backup solution. It cannot be upgrade or downgrade in any situation after purchasing.

Top Solar Company for Hybrid Solar System

Loom Solar is one of the top solar company who is the manufacturer of solar panel and lithium battery. Loom Solar offers a solar solution to homes and business combines with latest technology solar panels, solar battery, hybrid solar inverter as well as whole installation of solar systems which gives you more power in less cost. As well as other facilities also available by loom solar like: -

  1. Flexible EMI Option: Flexible EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) options are becoming increasingly popular in the solar industry, allowing customers to finance their solar systems over a period. Check details on Solar Loan at https://www.loomsolar.com/pages/solar-loan
  2. PAN India Delivery within 3 to 7 days: Check for ease of delivery of solar panels and other solar equipment at your doorstep. This reduces your effort and ensures the service is timely.  
  3. Buy from directly solar panel from manufacturer: There are many online platforms making it feasible to buy solar power systems for customers at a click on a button, thus making it convenient for customers to choose the right product for their home or office etc.
  4. Over 50,000 happy homes and businesses: With innovative and technologically advanced solar products, Loom Solar has ensured to have over 50,000 happy families across India and more families are joining to choose renewable & solar power solutions  
  5. Product demonstration centres in your city: Over 3500 retail touch point of Loom Solar across India, are helping customer choose the right solution within their city/ town and that is helping the customers to make the right choice by discussing their requirements at length

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