Suitable Solar System for 20 to 25 Units Daily Consumption

To Get how many KW of the solar system you need to power your house depends on several factors including your 20 to 25 units of daily electricity consumption, the dimensions and efficiency of the solar panels, the quantity and quality of sunlight received by solar panels, and your energy goal.

Here's the procedure for figuring out the how many KW of solar panels is needed for your home

1. Electricity Consumption: In this case, we pre-determined the unit of energy which is 20. But every individual has a specific energy consumption which varies from person to person. To determine your electricity consumption, inspect your electricity bills and find the average monthly unit, then divide your monthly energy unit by the number of days in that period to get the daily energy consumption of your home.

2. Sunlight Availability: The amount of sunlight your location receives affects the solar panel output. Some areas have more sunlight hours than others. You can find data on average daily sunlight hours for your region with the help of a graphic below.


3. The Required Solar Panel Capacity: To calculate the capacity, divide your daily energy consumption by the average sunlight hours, and then divide by the solar panel efficiency. This will give you an estimate of the required capacity in watts.

Here is calculation

20 units = 20 Kilowatt-hour (KWh)

sunlight duration = 5 Hours (h)

20 KWh / 5 h = 4 kilowatts (KW)

You’ll need a solar system with a capacity of 4 KW to meet your 20 to 25 units home load on average. Factors like temperature, shading, and panel aging can result in energy losses. To compensate for these losses, you can multiply the required capacity by a float of 1.25. Therefore, a 4KW * 1.25 = 5kW solar system is enough to neutralize the energy loss.


A 5 kW solar system generates 20-25 units during sunshine from 8 am to 5 pm which is sufficient to run multiple air conditioners (AC) along with Refrigerators, TV, Fans, and LED Bulbs during the day and it is suitable for homes getting Rs.7000/- or above electricity bill monthly. It's important to mention that this is a simplified estimation based on pre-determined values. For a more accurate assessment at the individual level, you may look for our engineer site visit .

FAQ (Based on a conversation between our professionals to the consumer regarding solar installation). 

Q- My daily consumption is 20 Units for this please guide me on how many KW of the solar system is required I want to reduce my electricity bill.

A- If your primary purpose of solar system installation is to reduce your electricity bill, A 5kW on-grid solar system can meet your demand. This system is capable to generate over 20 units during sunshine (8 am to 5 pm).

Q- How much space is required to install 5kW solar panels on the rooftop?

A- Generally, 250 to 300 sq. ft. shadow-free area is enough to install a 5kw solar system.

Q- Can a 5kW solar system run an Air conditioner?

A- No doubt about it, a 5 kW solar system can run 1 or 2 Air Conditioner(AC).

Q-How much does a solar system cost in India?

A- A 5kW system will cost you between Rs.3,00,000 to Rs.4,00,000 in India.

Q- Is a subsidy available on it?

A- Yes, available on anything below 10kW solar system capacity. But the amount of government subsidy varies from area to area. By the way, a 5kW solar system 20% subsidy is declared by the central government.

Q- Is a solar loan available?

 A- sure, you can install solar systems at a minimum interest rate with an easy EMI /loan. You can also calculate your monthly EMI.

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