Solar System or Generator: The Choice is Yours

It shouldn't be a difficult choice. Both products work on different occasions. Or the choice between a solar system and a generator depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Let's analyze some characteristics:

  1. Power source: A solar system harnesses energy from the sun, while a generator typically runs on fuel (such as gasoline, diesel, or propane) for renewable and environmentally friendly choices. A solar system is a better option.
  1. Energy efficiency: Solar systems are generally more efficient in energy conversion. While the loss of energy in a generator.
  1. Cost: Installing a solar system is typically higher upfront than purchasing a generator. In the long-term solar system is the most cost-efficient compared to a generator.
  2. Noise and emissions: Solar systems operate silently and have no emissions, but with the generator, it is the opposite. 
  1. Reliability: Solar systems totally depend on sunlight. So, if you live in an area with frequent power outages or unreliable sunlight, a generator may offer more consistent power with fuel.
  1. Maintenance: Solar systems generally require minimal maintenance, with occasional cleaning and inspections. Generators require regular maintenance, including fuel refills, oil changes, and engine servicing.

Note- If you prioritize renewable energy, energy efficiency, and long-term cost savings.The solar system is a good choice.

How to Buy

We have the latest technology-based solar panels, batteries and inverter. You can get them from our website or call us


The price of the latest 1kW off-grid solar system is around 100,000. But with our EMI option, you can get it as low as the laon/EMI of your flagship mobiles.  To calculate your emi according to your product, please visit our EMI calculator visit -


With the government's Incentives, the prices of solar products have become more affordable. By net metering, you can reduce your electricity bills.

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