Solar Panels Installation for 10HP Solar Atta Chakki

If you want to run an atta chakki and want to run it on a solar system you must be thinking which solar system will be suitable for it. Here we will recommend you VFD solar system. VFD solar system is the best solar system that can run the atta chakki and other appliances also. Below is the questions of consumers which will help you to clear all your queries regarding installing a solar system for atta chakki.



I want to run a 10hp motor in my business with this system

With the VFD solar system, you can run a 10HP motor for your atta chakki business. 

Tell us about 10HP VFD

A VFD is known as a Variable Frequency Drive which is a complete set of Solar panels, VFD, Panel Stand, DCDB, and Motor.

What components are included in the VFD system?

The engineer will guide you regarding the VFD solar system. 

What will be the watt of one solar panel?

One solar panel will be a 550-watt solar panel.  

What will be the price of one solar panel?

One solar panel can cost you Rs.12,000-13,000 and you can also get a discount on the amount.  

What is the cost of a VFD system?

The cost of a VFD system depends on the load of your home. The VFD system can cost you approximately 5-6 lakhs. If you want to know detailed information about the pricing or the solar system then you can book engineer visit. They will provide you with a detailed quotation for the VFD system. 

Is there a facility to get finance for the VFD system?

You can get the facility of finance for the VFD solar system, you need to pay 20% as a downpayment. You will get 80% of your monthly EMI.

What is the requirement of a site visit?

The requirement of a site visit is that they will give you an ideal quotation for a rooftop solar installation. 

When does the engineer come to the location for a visit?

The engineer will visit your site within 24-48 hours after you book the engineer visit. 


Amarjeet maurya

Amarjeet maurya

New opening atta chakki plant need 10hp solar system praic and system detail



24 inch ki Atta chakki ka plant sonal panal se chalana chahata ho us ka kharch kya hoga

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