Perfect Solar System for Home

Choosing the perfect solar system for your home involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure it meets your energy needs and fits your specific requirements.Three main types of solar system are available in India for residential uses and urban to remote areas. 

  1. The on-grid solar system is grid connected Solar System that works with a regional Grid. This system is ideal for reducing electricity bills by up to 80%. A solar panel, solar inverter, and balancing of the solar system are the main components of a grid-connected solar system. Avg. price of 1kW on a grid solar system is Rs. 70,000 to 80,000 (including all expenses).
  2. An off-grid solar system can generate and stores electricity independently of the grid. The off-grid solar system is the best alternative energy source for rural areas, as it has an energy storage system for power shortages.The price of this solar depends on the size and type of energy storage system (Battery). For close estimation, we will consider the following specification:
  • Solar Inverter - Microtek 2550 (1 nos.)
  • Solar Battery - 150 Ah - 5yr Warranty (2 nos.)
  • Solar Panels - SHARK 440W (2 nos.)
  • Installation kit - 2 Panels Stand, 4sqmm 15-meter pair DC wire and (2in 1 + 1in 1) MC4 connectors.
  1. A hybrid solar system can also be connected to the grid, allowing the user to sell excess solar power back to the utility company or draw power from the grid when needed. With a hybrid solar inverter, this system can provide more flexibility and reliability than a standalone solar system (off-grid), as it can reduce dependence on the grid and lower electricity bills. 

Best Solar System for Homes

A rooftop solar system is the most familiar type of setup for homes. Generally, the rooftop solar system starts from 1kW and increases to 10kW for residential usage, which depends upon several factors like adjacent space available, power requirement, and budget. LOOM SOLAR offers the best solar products and rooftop solutions for homes in India. They also provide a low-cost EMI option on every solar product. If you also want solar panels on your rooftop, you can consider Loom Solar engineer site visit services for the best solutions at a personal level.


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