Now Run your E-rickshaw on the Solar System.

Now, Drive an E-rickshaw on solar system that sounds innovative. What if it is even beneficial for consumers? Let's prove how valuable it is for an E-rickshaw driver.

Installing a solar panel on the roof of an e-rickshaw not only provides extra time to increase your income but also provides more customers. Installing solar panels on the rooftop of an e-rickshaw will attract more tourists, which undoubtedly results in them getting extra customers too.

Which Solar System is Suitable for Run it?

This solar system can increase E-Rickshaw mileage by up to 30% and increase battery life by up to 50%.

A solar system consists of

  1. Solar Panel - Loom Solar (125W * 3) - 48V Monocrystalline Panel.
  2. MC4 Connector - 1-in-1-out
  3. DC Wire - 4 Sq. M., 5 meters
  4. DC MCB - 32 Amp. 2 Pole

These specifications are enough to run an E-rickshaw on Solar Energy.

How to install it?

It needs a customized stand with a total area of around 40sq.ft for solar panel installation. After assembling the solar panels into a series connection, the next step is to calculate the voltage of the solar panels and then connect the solar panel to the controller and battery.

How to Buy?

Exclusively, Loom Solar provides these services. If you are interested, then contact usYou can buy it from our


Now, there is no need to return home during the daytime to charge an E-rickshaw battery. An E-Rickshaw Battery Charging Solar Solution at rupees 45,000 only will be a great deal with an increment in income of up to 30% per day.



Gulam Gaus

Gulam Gaus

Mere Toto Ke Liye Solar Lena Hai

Ajaykumar Singh

Ajaykumar Singh

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