Is Bifacial Solar Panel Work in Rain?

Bifacial solar panels, designed to capture sunlight from both their front and back sides, exhibit some performance during rainy conditions. In light rain or drizzle, they can still generate electricity, but at reduced efficiency. Raindrops make the sunlight spread out and become less, so not as much light goes to the back of the panel. Bifacial panels can catch some of this spread-out light, but they won't make as much energy as they do when it's not raining.

But when it rains a lot, bifacial solar panels don't work as well. Rain clouds are like big blankets that cover the sun, and raindrops make it even harder for the panels to make electricity. So, when it's rainy, these panels can't make as much power.

It's important to know that solar panels are made to handle different types of weather, like rain. They can still work when it's wet outside, but they won't make as much electricity as they do on sunny days. To make sure your solar panels work their best, you should think about things like how they're placed, the angle they're at, and keeping them clean. If you live in a place where it rains a lot, it's also a good idea to check how much sunshine you get and what the weather is usually like when you're thinking about getting solar panels. That way, you can make sure they'll make enough power even when the weather isn't great.

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