How to Start EVs Charging Business In 2023: Is Solar Helpful?

Most minds think it may be in the future, but they don't know solar use as a regular EV Charger. Businesses of EV charging stations can generate 15-20 rupees per unit charge. With solar energy, EV charging Stations can create more profits. Solar Energy allows businesses as pure and eco-friendly.

Requirements for EV Charging Station Installation

  • An area should be easily accessible and far from other EV charging stations.
  • Minimum sanctioned load of 5kW or above with powerful earthing.
  • Enough Parking space for EVS
  • Need permission from EV's Manufacturer.
  • At least 5 ISO-certified EV charging machines. ( min. Three fast- chargers and 2-slow chargers ), which depends on the agreement between both parties.

After completing the survey, the installation of the EV charger takes place.

Use Solar Panel to charge EVs

Charging EVs with solar power may prove costly. But in the long run, it helps to save electric bills. Let's prove it. For specifically charging a battery of EV, at least need a minimum sanctioned load of 5kW or above. It generally depends on the environment and the sunlight during the day.

For Example -Harsh sunlight for 4.5 hours is sufficient to charge a 20kWh battery with 5kW ( if 100% efficient ) solar panels. The rest of the energy (2.5 kW) offers to reduce electricity bills or utilized in electrical appliances.


Solar panels Never be 100% efficient. Generally, it is between 15-20% efficient (in converting sunlight into electricity).Generally, the conditions are unsuitable for that need to extend panel wattage. That's the reason for preferring some reservations.


The process of charging EVs takes a long time. Even fast DC charging takes an hour to recharge, about 80% (of the battery unit).In the future, we may get turbochargers that recharges a battery in a few minutes. For now, A universal removable battery should be the better option. Else, EV charging stations may need to do something creative for consumers who are waiting to recharge their vehicles.

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