How to Earn Lakhs from Vacant Roof ? [खाली पड़ी छत से लाखों की कमाई कैसे करे?]

There is a question in my mind that so many ceilings are lying vacant. How many units of electricity can be made from here? We have the idea for this. Do you think those who are lying vacant have this idea? That they can make electricity from their vacant terrace. Talking about their electricity bill, they pay electricity bill of about 3-4 lakh months. You can think of the year.

Watch Video :- खाली पड़ी छत से लाखों की कमाई कैसे करे?

However, even today his terrace is lying vacant. Moreover, installing solar panels on tin shade is not too difficult. Once installed, it will generate electricity for about 300 days out of 365 in a year. In addition, you can imagine that 1kw generates 5 units of electricity per day in a day. So according to this, 1KW produces 1400 to 1500 units of electricity in a year. So how much electricity will be generated from its big plant?

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