How to connect Solar Panels together? [सोलर पेनल्स को आपस मे कैसे जोड़े ?]

Now it's time for the wiring. The stand has been made ready in the wiring as you are seeing here. One wire is this and one wire is this. In addition, all little black colored one who is seeing this is called MC 4 Connect. In many places, you will see that to connect the wire, take out its cover, connect it, and then put tape on it.

Watch Video :- सोलर पेनल्स को आपस मे कैसे जोड़े ?

Solar system has become so advanced now. Talking about the use, it’s very common thing is to click on the wire so that it gets connected lightly and does not get loose. The life of a solar system plant is 25 years. This follows his recording. Here you will see two types of wire, this wire is AC wire and which is the biggest confusion of wiring in solar system.

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