How to Calculate the Size of a Solar Panel?

Loom Solar introduces latest technology solar panel “shark 550-watt” it has 10 buzz bars, 144 cells, half-cut technology, and mono perk it comes to Topcon technology. It has a 22.5% higher efficiency than the normal solar panel. It's the latest solar panel technology at this point. It is available in 2 models’ a normal shark 550 and Shark Bi-facial Solar Panel.

Measurement of solar panel -

“Shark 550 W Solar Panel’s length – 7.5 FT”
“shark 550 W Solar panel’s Width – 3.9 FT”

A panel stand is also required to install the solar panel and panel stand has 4 mounting halls on each side. It is a technical parameter, and it is required for a solar installer.  

“No. of Mounting Halls – 4x4”

How much watt of solar panel do you need?

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your electricity bills and generate clean, renewable energy. But how many watts of solar panel do you need? The amount of wattage needed for a solar panel depends on several factors such as the size of the roof, the climate where you live, the amount of electricity you use, it is also depending on the place where you want to install the solar system such as homes and business. To determine how much wattage is needed, it's important to consider all these factors and calculate your energy needs. Once you have an estimate of your energy needs, you can select a solar panel that produces enough wattage to meet them.

Pricing – The price range of 550-watt Solar Panel in India starts from ₹ 25,000.

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