How many DC wire require for 5kW Solar System?

Here the DC cable has been used for it. That is Loom Solar's DC cable. There are 2 types of DC cable used here. One is from the solar panel to the DC DB, so a DC wire of 4 Sq. mm has been used here. Moreover, here the wire from dc DB to inverter is used 6 Sq. mm DC wire. So you have to keep in mind that if you are using or installing this type of system. Therefore, you can use this specification of DC wire.

Watch Video :- 5kW के लिए कितने का DC वायर चाहिए?

If any question comes in your mind, then definitely consult our technical team once. Because this small mistake here can create a problem somewhere else. After that there is some setting of the inverter here. The setting that needs to be done. Because the battery used here. That lithium-ion battery is the Camel Battery. Which is very important for charging, discharging, and continuous charging.

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