How can I Install Solar System on EMI?

I live in Uttar Pradesh where power cut is a common problem during the summers, so I want to install a 5kW solar system according to my home load. Also I need a power backup for an emergency time or night time so please guide me through the details of 5 kw off grid solar system.

Those whose homes have a Sanction Load of 5 kW or more, can install a 5 kW solar system in their homes to make themselves self-sufficient in terms of electricity. Let us tell you that if you install a 5 kW solar system in your house, then you can easily run many heavy appliances like AC, geyser, induction stove, water motor in your house. With this, you can easily get relief from electricity bill also. 



What will I get in 5 KW solar system?

You will get 10 latest technology "shark bifacial 440 watt Mono Perc solar panel" which has a 20% to 22% higher efficiency to generate more electricity compared to normal and it can also suitable to wrok in cloudy weather conditions. This solar panel has a specality to generate the power from both sides. One 5 KW solar inverter, and a  "Lithium battery of 5 kWh (100 Ah / 51.2 Volts)."

How much electricity it can generate in a day?

5 KW solar system is enough to generate around 25 to 30 units per day this is an enough electricity to power up a 2 to 3 BHK sized home and you can store electricity to be used at night or in an emergency situtaion as well. This solar system is also suitable for homes, schools, restaurants and commercial shops etc. 

Which appliances can I run on 5 KW solar system?

All home appliances like 2 TO 3 AC, TV, fan, washing machine, refrigerator, cooler, water pump, laptop, press, light and all other home appliances can run on 5 KW solar system.

Can I buy solar system on EMI?

Yes, it is possible to purchase a solar system on monthly instalments EMI. Loom Solar offers financing options to make solar system more affordable and accessible to homeowners. With the facility of the solar loan, Installing solar systems on emi is improving in recent years.

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